Election Day is tomorrow, and no matter who you’re voting for, we could all use some quality stress management to bring some calmness to what could be an otherwise intense day. Here’s our list of some favorite indica-dominant hybrids that will help members de-stress on Election Day:

Elemental Gardens’ Gelato #33: If you’re looking for a lato chill as Election Day kicks off, treat yourself with Gelato #33. Famously nicknamed ‘Larry Bird’ for its #33 reference, Gelato #33 (22.02% THC) is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a descendent of the renowned Cookies line of genetics. Providing tight, dense nugs with a purple hue sprinkled throughout, members can expect an earthy, sweet flavor and immediate, full-body effects upon use. Relaxing, but not too heavy, we recommend starting with #33. $50/8th, WSL.

Elemental Gardens’ The True OG: Like your finest bottle of wine that you’ve been waiting to break out for the perfect moment, The True OG was made for times like this. Our multiple-time award-winning The True OG (22.34% THC) made its long-anticipated return to the menu earlier in the year, bringing its superior couch-locky effects along with it. Epitomizing every aspect of a top-shelf OG, The True provides dense buds with a refined earthy flavor that tends to knock even veteran tokers back a bit. We suggest saving The True for the results of Pennsylvania or Florida -- extremely relaxing. $50/8th, WSL.

Redwood Remedies’ Triple OG: Sometimes one OG just isn’t enough, and for instances like Election Day, we recommend having the Triple OG on deck. Crossing Triangle Kush x Constantine x Master Yoda, this strain offers chunky and fluffy nugs that emanate a refined earthy and skunky aroma. At 18.46% THC, Triple OG provides a manageable cerebral high that allows you to digest the latest results, while still remaining supremely chillaxed. $40/8th, WSL.

Dime Bag’s GSC: There’s certainly a time for experimentation, but we don’t think Election Day is that time -- trust a tried-and-true classic like GSC for a reliable experience from start to finish. You know the deal by now: tight, dense nuggets that we suggest a grinder to help break down and an earthy-with-a-hint-of-sweetness flavor that has helped propel this legendary strain to near mythical status. The folks at Dime Bag offer unbeatable value on this revered strain as well, at just $25/8th!

Roots’ Purple Punch: If you’re planning on doing any punching on Election Day, let it be Roots’ Purple Punch instead of your television set. Crossing two powerhouses in Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple, the Punch provides a memorably sugary flavor with some deeply relaxing effects, to have you in a sweet mood no matter how the election pans out. Vote for purps this November by having some Purple Punch locked and loaded in your pipe throughout the election coverage. Just $20/8th, WSL.

Be sure to ask your consultant about these and other strains ideal for Election Day on your next visit. Stay safe, stay happy, and stay well in these unique times, EWC Family!