As the leaves begin to fall, and the BOO-tiful crisp October air begins to settle in, the only thing that could make this time of year better would be a stash of potent edibles peeking out of your pocket. We’ve done the dirty work, and put together a list of five tasty treats that any adult would be stoked to find in their candy bucket!

Bhang’s Dark Chocolate Bar: Dive into Halloween with a Bhang this year, as Bhang’s Dark Chocolate Bar offers a rich flavor perfectly suited for the fall. Offering balanced hybrid effects and 100mg of THC conveniently dosed into 10 pieces, it’s easy to enjoy this delicious delicacy at your own pace, whether you’re an edible novice or veteran. $16/each, WSL.

Clarified Confections’ Molasses Ginger Cookie: Our longtime friends at Clarified have perfected the art of concocting quality cannabis confections, and there’s no better variety suited for October than the Molasses Ginger. Made with organic pasture-raised Clarified butter, organic pasture-raised eggs, organic flour, all natural ingredients, and 100mg THC, this sweet-and-spicy treat will have you screaming (with joy) with every bite! $15/each, WSL.

Cann Drinks’ Blood Orange Cardamom: If you’re looking for something with a little bit quicker activation time, we recommend Cann Drinks for a radiant Halloween-night refreshment. There’s something about Cann’s Blood Orange Cardamom that just oozes autumn vibes, with a mashup of blood orange juice from Sicily and the aromatic magic of cardamom, this beverage creates a cacophony of citrusy and spicy flavors. 12mg THC & 24mg CBD per can, just $15/each, WSL.

Stoned Age’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky: For something a little more on the savory side, we suggest looking toward Teriyaki Beef Jerky from the folks at Stoned Age. Combining desirable effects with a desirable taste, this jerky offers a tantalizing blend of zest, sweetness, and soy sauce with 100mg THC for a scary good experience on every level. $20/each, WSL.

TKO Edibles’ Apple Pie Cookie: There’s nothing like some warm apple pie as the weather begins to cool, and the team at TKO Edibles has conveniently converted the full apple-pie experience into cookie form with this delicious offering. Created with premium ingredients and 90-plus percent THC distillate infused in coconut oil, members can taste the compassion and commitment put into these cookies with every bite! 100mg THC, $16/each, WSL

Ask your consultant about these, and other, Halloween sweets on your next visit. Have a safe and spooky holiday!