Our flower fanatics may have noticed some fresh strains slowly sneaking onto the menu since the beginning of the year, direct from our in-house grow team at Elementa Gardens. Cultivated at EWC’s new state-of-the-art facility, our new EG varieties span the indica, sativa, hybrid spectrum, and are overseen by our award-winning team that takes great pride in bringing out the full potential of each strain we grow. Whether it’s a tried-and-true classic such as The True OG or a relative newcomer like Monkey Paw, our expert growers at Elemental Gardens have a passion for providing top-shelf cannabis.

Let’s take a quick dive into the complete line of in-house selections currently available @ EWC:

Durban Poison: Suited for our sativa specialists, Durban Poison (15.88% THC) is a fantastic wake-n-bake strain with its piney aroma and uplifting effects. Its nuggets are tall and chunky, offering an abundance of copper orange hairs poking out from within its structure, and is well-suited for concentrate extraction with its generous resin glands.

Gelato #33: Famously nicknamed ‘Larry Bird’ for its #33 reference, Gelato #33 (22.02% THC) is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a descendent of the renowned Cookies line of genetics. Providing tight, dense nugs with a purple hue sprinkled throughout, members can expect an earthy, sweet flavor and immediate, full-body effects upon use. Best for evening/nighttime use.

Lemon Skunk Dog: Our newest addition to the Elemental Gardens line, Lemon Skunk Dog (25.28% THC) arrived on the menu only last week, just in time to spice up your fall stash! With a pungent citrus-like aroma and tall, tree-shaped buds, LSD is aesthetically a stereotypical sativa-dominant strain, and follows through with its effects as well. Best for daytime or morning use, with mood-enhancing effects.

Monkey Paw: Dropping last week along with Lemon Skunk Dog, Monkey Paw (17.68% THC) is also a sativa-dominant variety named for the shape of its nuggets which many say resembles a monkey’s curled paw. Crossing Vietnamese Black x Highland Nepalese, anticipate a skunky sweet flavor with a healthy mix of cerebral and body effects, truly ideal for anytime use!

Motorbreath #15: Weighing in at 25.55% THC, our current batch of Motorbreath #15 is the highest-testing Elemental Gardens strain available, reserved for our high-tolerance members. Offering balanced effects, this hybrid is a cross of powerhouse strains Chem D x SFV OG, creating a sour, fuel-like aroma and providing a psychedelic cerebral experience. Recommended for an after-work session to help relax after a long day.

The True OG: Our multiple-time award-winning The True OG (22.34% THC) made its long-anticipated return to the menu earlier in the year, bringing its superior couch-locky effects along with it. Epitomizing every aspect of a top-shelf OG, The True provides dense buds with a refined earthy flavor that tends to knock even veteran tokers back a bit. Suggested for end-of-day use -- extremely relaxing.

All Elemental Gardens strains are available at $50/8th & $25/half 8th with bulk discount offered for multiple-eighth orders. Ask your consultant to take a closer look at our EG varieties on your next visit -- hope to see you soon!