In modern times, we’re fortunate enough to have previously unimaginable cannabis technology at our fingertips; I mean, we can all agree there’s nothing like being able to discreetly sneak in a quick hit when you’re on the go, in nearly any situation, right? The ease of use, versatility, and stealthiness of vaporizer cartridges have elevated them to arguably the fastest growing products on the market over the past five years. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite cartridge varieties currently available @ EWC to help accompany you into autumn:

Raw Garden’s Citrus Slap #17: Just one of TWLEVE hard-hitting cartridge options available from Raw Garden, we currently prefer the Citrus Slap #17 for autumn, as its seriously sativa sensations will keep your mood bright even as the weather dims! Easy to slip in your pocket before heading out, you can take hits from Citrus Slap at your own pace -- take a draw, put it back in your pocket for a bit, and then grab it for another toke whenever you’re ready. With 77.58% THC per cart, both the quality and value are strong with this one at $50/each, WSL.

Care By Design’s 1:1 CBD: Those seeking a CBD cartridge that offers a strong synergistic effect would be wise to look toward Care By Design’s quality line of vaporizers. For CBD connoisseurs that can also handle a handful of THC, we recommend the 1:1 ratio (35% CBD, 34% THC), offering equal amounts CBD and THC to help maximize the fabled ‘Entourage Effect.’ There’s nothing like a stoney, yet therapeutic, walk through the hills of San Jose as the leaves begin to fall -- Care By Design is the perfect companion for a trail walk. $30/each, WSL.

Beezle’s Key Lime Pie Buzz: For those looking to keep their summer buzz rolling, Beezle’s Key Lime Buzz (78.27% THC) offers an energizing cerebral kick with a bit of mood enhancement often reported to boot. Beezle has long been a top name in the extract game, and their evolution into cartridges has been seamless as well, delivering top product with oil that’s “a blend of golden THC distillate and signature Beezle live-resin high-terpene full-spectrum extract.” $45/each, WSL.

Select’s Blue Dream: Blue Dream has long been considered the quintessential hybrid, perfectly toeing the indica/sativa line for a truly make-it-what-you-will experience. The award-winning team at Select delivers as expected with the cartridge rendition of this classic strain, providing a quality oil weighing in at a staggering 87.50% THC for a particularly potent experience. Dream is perfect for any session, as its balanced effects are neither overly stimulating, nor particularly sedating. $40/each, WSL.

Sublime’s Sour Diesel: A firm staple in any aficionado’s Mount Rushmore of Sativa-Dominant Strains, Sour Diesel is ol’ reliable for those seeking an energizing and cerebral experience. Sublime’s take on this classic is the perfect cartridge to help keep your energy up as the temps begin to go down. Providing subtle, yet efficient, draws, members will love the glass-tip/Sneaker battery combination that offers both the stealth and function that many cartridge users are seeking. Diesel is lauded for its fuel-like, gassy flavor and uniquely uplifting effects, sure to keep you upright as we get deeper into the fall; current batch testing @ 87% THC and available @ just $30/gram, WSL.

Ask your consultant to check out these and other cartridge varieties to accompany you into autumn on your next visit -- hope to see you soon!