Often recommended for our members that have high THC tolerances, oil extracts are either ‘dabbed,’ vaped, or mixed with flower to produce their desired effects. Today, we focus on three subcategories of the oil extract worlds: shatters, sugars, and sauces. Shatters possess a glass-like consistency, snapping off into tiny pieces for easy use; sugars are a bit more fluid, generally having a wet, sugary consistency; sauces are the most fluid, with a syrup-like consistency, and are usually scooped from their containers. Let’s take a quick look at some of our favorite varieties for September that are are currently available:

Creme De Canna’s Kush Cake Shatter: Treat yourself with some Cake this September, as the folks at Creme De Canna have churned out a great strain for a mid-fall-day session. Offering a snap-off consistency, and a beautiful golden hue, Kush Cake (67.8% THC) is a balanced hybrid that will have members relaxed, but not sedated. Just $30/gram, WSL.

King’s Garden’s 33 Bananas Live Shatter: Keep your summer vibes glowing with 33 Bananas Live Shatter (75.28% THC) from the renowned team at King’s Garden. This OG Kush x Banana cross provides a potent mix of powerhouse strains to create a high-THC extract offering members a refined earthy, banana-like terpene profile that many say is supremely relaxing. This indica-dominant shatter offers a translucent, golden appearance with a classic shatter consistency. $35/gram, WSL.

Redwood Remedies’ Dirty Pink Live Sugar: Many of us feel that 2020 has been doing us a bit, ahem, dirty -- counter that dirt this autumn with the Dirty Pink Live Sugar (76.79% THC) from Redwood Remedies. This Dirty Tangie x Pink Rose cross pulls from both ends of the spectrum to create a truly balanced hybrid that has been superbly extracted into its final sugar-like consistency. Offering golden and bright-yellow hues throughout, Dirty provides a uniquely sweet and citrusy flavor that we’re confident will please the palates of our concentrate connoisseurs. $40/gram, WSL.

Cosmic’s Super Lemon OG Live Sugar: Start your September off super, with the Super Lemon OG Live Sugar (78.61% THC) from the out-of-this-world squad at Cosmic! This hybrid offers a citrusy, sativa-esque flavor, but tilts slightly in the indica direction, due to parent strain Captain Krypt OG, at 60/40. Offering a bright-yellow body, and a bit more of a firm, sugary consistency than the Dirty Pink, this strain can be easily handled to mix with flower if desired. $40/gram, WSL.

Dabblicious’s Tange x Gelato Live Sauce: From our long-time partners at Dabblicious, the Tangie x Gelato Live Sauce (70.11% THC) is the perfect allegory for the clashing of summer and fall! Combining the far-sativa-leaning Tangie with the heavily indica-dominant Gelato, this Sauce provides members with balanced effects, making it great for anytime use. Offering a citrusy, Cookies-like terpene profile, this golden Live Sauce is a little on the firm side for a sauce, making it a bit easier to handle and consume. Only $30/gram, WSL.

Beezle’s Planet DoSi Live Sauce: If you were maybe thinking there has never been a better time to be abducted by aliens and taken to another planet, you’re not alone -- and the other-worldly Planet DoSi Live Sauce (64.74% THC) from Beezle may be just the strain to help beam you up. This DoSiDo x Gelato 44 cross is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid, offering a pungent earthy, sour aroma that translates magnificently when consumed. With its glistening golden appearance and seriously relaxing effects, Planet DoSi is sure to please the eyes as well as the rest of your body! $35/ gram, WSL.

Be sure to ask about these and the rest of our variety of oil extracts on your next visit -- budder, crumble, diamonds, resin, etc. we have it all! Hope to see you soon!