Late August thru September can often bring some of the hottest weather all summer to the Bay Area, and here at Elemental we have an assortment of edibles on deck to help cool you down. Whether you’re seeking something chewy, crunchy, or refreshing, EWC has what you need to bring the chill to the impending dog days of summer. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites:

KIVA’s Camino Gummies: With seven unique varieties available it’s hard to go wrong with KIVA’s Camino Gummies, but we have our eyes set on the ‘Chill’ option for these hot summer days. Offering a delicious Wild Berry flavor packed with 100mg THC spread throughout 20 individual gummies, Chill will put you in the zone to get your much-deserved R&R no matter what the weather is like. $15/each, WSL.

Habit’s Sparkling Coolers: Habit’s Sparkling Coolers have returned to the menu, just in time to put the Coolers in your cooler to keep you cooler this August! Also offering seven distinct varieties, it’s easy to find something for everybody with these bodacious beverages. Habit’s sparkling refreshments are brewed with real fruit and natural flavors, containing no high-fructose corn syrup either. Toss in their proprietary nanoencapsulated cannabis oil, Habit’s Coolers produce a hard-hitting and clean effect, which have been known to have an activation time that’s much quicker than many other edibles. $18/each, WSL.

TKO Edibles: We keep rollin’ with the heavy hitters, as our new friends at TKO offer an impressive 12 different selections of tasty treats to help knock the heat out of your chill zone. A stunning variety of cookies, krispies, and brownies are guaranteed to block out the heat, made with premium ingredients and TKO’s own 90%-plus THC distillate that’s infused in coconut oil. We like the Mimosa Cookie for summer, offering a sweet flavor that will have you feeling like you’re on your own personal beach, even if you can’t physically make it there. 100mg THC per treat at $16/each, WSL.

Heavenly Sweets’ Krispie Treats: The stairway to heaven is as short as the distance between you and Elemental with Heavenly Sweets’ delectable Krispie selections. Available in three varieties, Sweets uses their own cannabutter infused with refined distillate derived from sativa-dominant cannabis, helping to provide an uplifting effect for most users. We recommend the Maui Wowie Krispie for summertime to help create tantalizing tropical vibes to set the mood for your awesome August activities. 100mg THC per treat at $17/each, WSL.

Plus Products’ Gummies: There’s no better way to show your pride this August than to score some sensational Rainbow Sherbet Gummies from the folks at Plus Products! Not only will these yummy treats sweeten up your summer days, but additionally $1 from each tin purchased will go to the SF Queer Nightlife Fund, providing relief to workers who have been negatively impacted as a result of COVID-19. And what’s cooler than that? If Rainbow Sherbet isn’t your thing, we also have EIGHT other gummy varieties to choose from! 100mg THC per tin, $17-$22/each, WSL.

Ask your consultant to check out these, and other, amazing August edibles selections on your next visit. Be well and we hope to see you again soon!