We’re getting thicker in our edible department for this month’s go-around with a couple of quality providers adding entire lines of new products to the menu. Whether you’re seeking something savory or sweet, we’re stocking something slated to specialize your summer sessions! Let’s take a look at some of August’s awesome edible additions and more:

TKO Edibles: We’re stoked to introduce TKO Edibles to the menu, providing their unique take on several classic cannabis confections. With 11 new sweet and savory varieties to choose from, ranging from the classic chocolate chip cookie to Espresso Krispie, edible aficionados are sure to find a new offering to the liking. Containing 100mg THC each, mostly spread over 10 cookies or krispies, these delicacies are delicious and easy to dose. $16/each, WSL.

Dollar Dose: These sweet new options from Dollar Dose are exactly what they sound like, starting at $1/each! We’re proud to pull out five new THC and three fresh CBD lozenges that are deliciously dosed starting at just 5mg THC and 15mg CBD ranging from $1 to $4 per lozenge.This Santa Cruz-based provider has churned out some bite-sized confections sourced from high-quality cannabis and combined with delicious flavors to help source superior summer sensations! WSL.

Cosmic Extracts: For our concentrate connoisseurs, we’re happy to introduce Cosmic Extracts, currently commanding the concentrate collection with four fresh featured Live Extract selections sure to satisfy those seeking either tantalizing terpenes or palpable potency. With all four new options reporting between 70%-79% THC, these exemplary extracts are poised to pack a punch while delivering a full-flower terpene profile sure to satisfy the taste palates of even the most persnickety of cannabis critics. We recommend dabbing these new extracts in order to best savor their refined flavor; with all four current options showing hybrid-leaning tendencies, they’re all great for any type of situation -- early morning, mid-day, or before-bed. $40/gram, WSL.

Be sure to ask your consultant about these and other new products on your next visit -- hope to see you soon!