Hey, EWC Family -- hope everybody is staying safe and well out there as these strange times we find ourselves in continues. We’re continuing to do our part here at Elemental taking extra precautions to keep our employees and members safe, and even managing to add some new products to the menu while we’re at it. Here are a couple brands that have made their way onto the menu in the past couple weeks:

Habit Products: We’re happy to reintroduce Habit beverages to the menu, as well as two brand new offerings in other product categories to further bolster the Habit line at Elemental. With eight unique beverage flavors to choose from, we’re confident members will find something agreeable to quench their summer thirst from Habit. These sparkling drinks contain 100mg THC each, and are “brewed with real fruit and natural flavors, crafted using natural fruit sugars and contain ZERO high fructose corn syrup.” At just $18/each, these carbonated beverages are a great choice to cool members off in the summer heat. We’re also stoked to introduce a totally unique product here at EWC in Habit’s new pre-loaded Chillum options. Yes, you read that right -- we’re now offering a pre-packed flower/oil combination already conveniently contained in some custom Habit glass that can be kept and reused after the pre-loaded cannabis is consumed. With 0.7 grams of flower mixed with 0.3 grams of concentrate, this potent concoction is a unique selection for members looking to mix it up this summer -- $25/each, WSL. Last but not least in the trio of new Habit products, we have Habit Syrup Tinctures offering a whopping 400mg THC per bottle. This mixture is water soluble, meaning it’s perfect for mixing in with any drink or food for an easy consumption experience -- with a dosing applicator included in each box, it’s easy to dose this potent mix according to what experience you’re seeking. $34/each, WSL.

High Supply flower: You can never have enough value flower options available, and we’re stoked to add High Supply flower to the menu to test that theory. With indica, sativa, and hybrid “Popcorn” buds available at just $100/half ounce, this quality provider packs a top-shelf experience into these bodacious budlets. Testing from 11%-18% THC, High Supply is the perfect choice to roll up in a joint to help you enjoy a relaxing day under the sun. WSL.

Cresco flower: Another new provider on the flower menu, we’re proud to introduce Cresco to the menu, coming through with some quality strains at the $40/eighth price point. With four unique varieties spanning the sativa, indica, and hybrid spectrums, we’re confident members will find an option to their liking. Our current sativa varieties are Rollins and Lemon Bean -- Rollins is a citrus-scented balanced choice and Lemon Bean is a lemon-esque energizing selection. Our current indica strain is the Triangle OG, a heavily relaxing option with an earthy aroma. And for members seeking a hybrid experience, we have the G6, a calming strain that offers a funky, gassy aroma. All strains test between 21%-23% THC, and are available WSL.

Be sure to ask your consultant about these new products on your next visit and keep an eye out for more new product round-ups to come! Be well and hope to see you soon.