We just ran through some of our favorite mostly-sativa-dominant options to stock your stash this summer -- today we flip the script and take a look at some of our favorite icey indicas to help you cool down as the heat picks up. Whether you're planning a lazy day at the beach, trying to pass the time in quarantine, or are seeking a reliable before-bed treat, EWC has what you need. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite options currently on the menu:

IC Collective’s Diablo OG: The folks at IC are known for reliably producing some of the best strains around, and the Diablo OG is certainly a pillar of that foundation. The Diablo (24.90% THC) is nearly a perfectly balanced hybrid, exhibiting all the characteristics that one looks for in a classic OG strain. Offering a refined sour/earthy flavor, and solid nuggets with bright orange hairs protruding throughout, Diablo may just be one of our favorite OGs, next to the True of course. At $50/8th, Diablo is ideal for a day at the beach, as it provides palpable relaxation without knocking users out. WSL.

Elemental Garden’s Gelato #33: A newer addition from our dedicated growers at Elemental Gardens, the Gelato #33 (22.90% THC) is a heavy indica that’s perfect for an after-work wind down. Nicknamed “The Larry Bird Cut” for it’s #33 commonality, this strain certainly lives up to its namesake -- offering a legendary Cookies-like aroma with dense round buds, this strain delivers with both looks and effects. $50/8th, WSL

Jetty Extracts’ GDP PAX Pod: Jetty comes through in the clutch with their take on GDP, cleanly contained in their easy-to-use PAX Pods. These sleek pods are compatible with PAX Era batteries, and have quickly become the go-to choice for on-the-go lifestyles everywhere. GDP (80.53% THC) is a classic indica-dominant strain, known for its refined sweet flavor and heavily sedating effects. With the Era’s temperature control at your disposal, users are able to choose exactly how big of a hit they get on each draw. We recommend a higher temp for before-bed use and a lower temp for daytime use. $30/each, WSL.

Beezle’s DoSiDo Live Diamonds: Another Cookies cross making our list today, Beezle’s DoSiDo Live Diamonds (68.34% THC) is a hard-hitting indica-heavy extract that’s perfect for our high-tolerance members. This live extract offering from the folks at Beezle provides a terpene profile true to the flower version of the strain with the palpable potency you’d expect from a top-shelf extract. DoSiDo is perfect to help pass the time in quarantine and become one with the couch -- $40/each, WSL.

Plus Products’ Blackberry Lemon Gummies: Plus’ Blackberry Lemon Gummies are also referred to as the ‘Unwind’ variety and with good reason -- offering 90mg THC and 10mg CBD, these tasty edibles are perfect to help users slip into sleepy bliss. Spread out over 20 bite-sized gummies, users are able to dose as needed to obtain the perfect effects for their individual needs. Toss in all natural, kosher, and gluten-free ingredients, and there’s nothing not to like about this extravagant edible option! $17/each, WSL.

Ask your consultant about these and other quality indica options across the board on your next visit -- hope to see you in soon!