The new products keep rolling in here at Elemental -- although life outside the dispensary has slowed down to a crawl, we’re as busy as ever here stocking the menu with plenty of quality options to make sure our members are taken care of during these unique times. Here are some new selections that have made their debut on the menu recently:

Cann Drinks: We’re excited to introduce our newest line of beverages from the folks over at Cann Drinks, which made their debut on our edible menu last week. Offering three unique varieties, all with a 2:1 CBD-THC ratio, Cann is the perfect product to have in your cooler as the weather begins to warm. Cann balances a sativa-dominant hybrid offering 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per can, providing a palpable, but manageable, buzz that can be molded by users to achieve whatever effects they’re seeking in a specific situation. Cann is an ideal selection for edible lovers who may be looking for faster-acting effects, as its effects are felt around just ten minutes after consumption for most users. $18 for a six-pack, WSL.

Pop-Up Potcorn: Adding another variety to our growing list of savory edibles, Pop-Up adds some serious pop to the menu with two unique popcorn options. Unlike many other low-dose edible options, members can enjoy an entire bag of Potcorn worry-free, as its cannabinoid content is spread throughout the entire bag, rather than an individual bite. With two CBD:THC ratios (1:1 and 20:1), members can choose between a synergistically psychoactive and therapeutic experience or a totally therapeutic one. $8 per bag, WSL.

Elemental Gardens: Our very own Elemental Gardens celebrated its return with the Motorbreath and The True OG back in April, and has only continued to add to its arsenal ever since. We trust you already know the skinny on our award-winning True OG -- if not check out our feature on it here. Motorbreath is certainly a strain to add to your to-do list if you haven’t tried yet -- a true hybrid with a powerhouse cross of Chem D x SFV OG, cannabis connoisseurs everywhere celebrated Motorbreath’s coming out party. Our newest addition is the indica-dominant Gelato #33 -- affectionately referred to as the “Larry Bird” cut, you’ll want to check out Elemental’s take on this classic strain. In addition our growing collection of strains, you may have noticed a shake-up in value -- tiered pricing is now available on all strains, with bigger discounts for bigger quantity, up to 20% off for members purchasing an ounce! Also related to value finds, The True OG shake is now available as well at the eye-catching price of just $15 per eighth. WSL.

Ask your consultant to check out these, and other new options, on your next visit. Hope to see you in soon!