If you’re wondering if you can come down to Elemental for all of your summer cannabis beverage needs, the answer is yes you CANN! We’re excited to introduce our newest line of beverages from the folks over at Cann Drinks, which made their debut on our edible menu last week. Offering three unique varieties, all with a 2:1 CBD-THC ratio, Cann is the perfect product to have in your cooler as the weather begins to warm.

Cann has already established themselves as a powerful force in the beverage market since their inception just last summer. Founded locally in Palo Alto by friends Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, Cann was created to provide “something for people who want an alternative to alcohol, but still want to enjoy that buzz when they’re being social or unwinding at the end of the day.”

To create these desired effects, Cann balances a sativa-dominant hybrid offering 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per can, providing a palpable, but manageable, buzz that can be molded by users to achieve whatever effects they’re seeking in a specific situation. Cann is an ideal selection for edible lovers who may be looking for faster-acting effects, as its effects are felt around just ten minutes after consumption for most users.

Cann can also serve as a great replacement for alcoholic beverages, as its perfectly-dosed servings allow users to consume these beverages in social situations as they might alcohol. “Most people want to drink less alcohol, but haven’t found a substitute they’re satisfied with before Cann, so it fits right in,” says Luke. With notable CBD levels in each can, Cann not only helps users avoid hangovers and a bad night’s sleep, but also can provide the therapeutic effects the cannabinoid is known for such as anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and much more.

Cann is currently available in three distinct varieties (Blood Orange Cardamom, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Lemon Lavender) that have been meticulously tested and refined to help perfect the final aspect of the Cann formula: the flavor. “Whether you’re picking out a bottle of wine, a six-pack of premium craft beer, or a six-pack of Cann, you should never have to compromise on taste just because there is a little bit of THC in it,” says Luke.

Cann is currently available in packs of six for just $18/each -- you can view Cann on our menu here. We’re excited for members to try out this amazing addition to our menu -- be sure to ask your consultant to check ‘em out on your next visit. Hope to see you soon!