Hey, Elemental Family -- we know you may not necessarily be in the celebrating mood at the moment, but we’ve got our party hats strapped on to celebrate our 10-year anniversary! That’s right, we’re stoked to party like it’s 2010 to celebrate a full decade of serving the Bay Area’s cannabis needs (responsibly and properly socially-distanced, of course.) We’re so stoked, in fact, that we’re offering a full month’s worth of deals -- here are four days in particular that you definitely shouldn’t miss:

Every Sunday in May: We have a handful of deals lined up for every Sunday throughout the month, anchored by 15% off all high-CBD products. Enjoy 15% off any CBD product with a 1:1 ratio or higher, including current options such as Care by Design’s 1:1 oil cartridge (34% CBD, 31% THC), Absolute Xtract’s 18:1 Hi-Fi Hops (18mg CBD, 2mg THC), Wonder’s 1:1 MCT Oil Tincture (270mg CBD, 280mg THC), and more! In addition, enjoy 10% off both Field Extracts (limit two) and Day Dreamers chocolate line!

Tasty Tuesday every Tuesday in May: Enjoy 15% off our entire selection of edibles and beverages. Chocolates, snacks, drinks, and more -- they’re all 15% off! Members looking for a savory snack would be advised to check out our new line of infused jerky from Stoned Age -- with various flavors and both CBD and THC options, there’s truly an option for everybody. Chocolate lovers need look no further than our tried-and-true KIVA chocolate bars line -- five distinct varieties currently available and with a 1:1 CBD option as well. Those seeking a refreshing beverage can browse our Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Hops options -- light on the wallet at only $7/each, with both a CBD/THC and full-THC option available. View our full edibles selection here.

Every Wednesday in May: Enjoy 10% off our entire line of delicious Plus Products gummies and mints every Wednesday this month. We have six unique varieties currently in stock, and all but one have at least some CBD included, making this line a great option for members looking for a customized therapeutic effect. Those seeking a high-CBD experience with just a hint of THC will want to inspect the newer Tropical Mango variety (180mg CBD, 20mg THC), while those seeking just a hint of CBD would be wise to check out Blackberry Lemon (90mg THC, 10mg CBD). For something more balanced, look for the Sour Blueberry (70mg THC, 30mg CBD) which will provide relaxing, and yet palpably cerebral effects.

Friday the 8th and Friday the 22nd: Take advantage of 10% off all Sublime and Utopia products both the second and fourth Friday of the month. Oil aficionados already love the quality and value-priced Sublime carts, available at a regular price of just $35/gram. With two indica-dominant and two sativa-dominant varieties available, those seeking a convenient cartridge option will surely be able to find a compatible variety. Utopia offers a quality line of ‘live’ extracts for members with a higher tolerance -- Tangieland is a sativa-dominant variety that is great for a daytime boost, packing a punch with 80.40% THC.

You can view our entire month of selections in the graphic at the top of the page. Stay safe and we hope to see you in!