Hey, EWC Family, hope you all are staying safe and well out there. With the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place still in order, we trust you’ve found some productive, or at least entertaining, ways to keep yourself occupied while we’re all riding this out. Elemental always has some quality products on hand to help your quarantine go even smoother, whether you’re looking for some help getting creative or help relaxing. Here are five products currently in stock to make your home feel a little more comfortable:

The Original Jack Herer’s Jack Herer: For those looking to spark some creativity or maybe complete a long-neglected project, Jack Herer is a classic sativa that’s known to help with both. Offering a refined piney-sweet aroma that provides uplifting effects, there’s no better provider to secure your Jack from than the folks at Original Jack Herer, who specialize in maximizing the potential of this legendary strain. With a 17.91% THC content, expect a cerebral jolt that will keep users active without overwhelming them. Just $40/8th, WSL.

Floracal’s Sonoma Cake: On the opposite side of the spectrum, those looking for a relaxing day or night glued to the couch and enjoying the latest Netflix releases would be wise to look toward Floracal’s Sonoma Cake. Providing an earthy/fuel-like flavor and seriously potent effects (31.96% THC), this strain has both the terpenes and power to impress even the most persnickety cannabis critics. Pack a bowl, pull up the covers, and relax with an eighth of the Cake available at $50/8th, WSL.

Care By Design’s 4:1 CBD Cartridge: Those seeking the comfort of CBD without any overwhelming THC effects can look toward Care By Design’s variety of quality cartridges. To help maximize the oft-referenced ‘Entourage Effect’ without overloading on psychoactivity, we recommend the 4:1 ratio, which will provide a synergistic effect to help maximize the therapeutic effects. Ideal for working on writing, painting, or any other creative endeavor, this mix can help increase creativity, without taking away from your focus. Carts contain 54% CBD and 13% THC, available at $30/each, WSL.

Camino’s Midnight Blueberry Gummies: For a little help getting to sleep, whether it’s a daytime nap or end-of-day slumber, we recommend checking out Camino’s Blueberry Gummies. Containing a significant amount of both CBN (20mg), the cannabinoid that helps with sleep, and THC (100mg), these gummies are the recipe for a satisfying rest. Spread out over 20 gummies (5mg THC & 1mg CBN each), we recommend taking three to four of these treats a couple hours before desired effects for maximum efficiency. $18/each, WSL.

Creme de Canna’s 3 Kings OG Live Shatter: For members looking for something stimulating with even more kick, we’d advise looking at Creme de Canna’s 3 Kings OG Live Shatter. 3 Kings is a strain with ultimate sativa-dominant lineage, crossing 3 Kings x Sour Diesel x OG Kush to provide a seriously cerebral experience. Weighing in at 68.5% THC, this live shatter is great for dabbing or mixing in with flower -- with such high psychoactivity, 3 Kings may be better suited for planning your next creative project rather than actually carrying it out. $20/half gram, WSL.

Feel free to ask your consultant about these super stay-at-home products or anything else on the menu on your next visit. Hope to see you in soon!