Hey, EWC Family, hope you’re all staying safe out there. Although it’s hard to imagine much holiday spirit flowing around the community right about now, believe it or not 4/20 is just a couple of days away. Granted this 4/20 will be a bit unique -- we don’t recommend gathering up the friends and passing any product around the circle. That being said, we have a plethora of products aimed at personal use for our members to ensure your holiday is still a memorable one -- here are five products fit for a party of one:

High Totem Prerolls: A new arrival this past month, new preroll packs from High Totem offer joints weighing in at just a half-gram each -- ideal for a personal burn that’ll have you feeling just right. Our current variety is Diesel Punch, a 50/50 hybrid offering a sweet, gas-like flavor and balanced, but slightly-sativa leaning effects. Clocking in at 19.08% THC, Punch acts as a great daytime smoke to provide a palpable cerebral effects while keeping you functional and alert. Available at a fantastic value of just $17 for a four-pack, WSL.

Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Hops THC: Your favorite cannabis provider teams up with your favorite beer provider for an unforgettable cannabis-infused beverage. This drink provides 10mg THC and no alcohol giving users a “calming, refreshing, subtly invigorating, mood balancing, and slightly energizing” experience. Depending on your tolerance you can either sip one of these by itself or add it in as a refresher between tokes. Just $7/each, WSL.

Raw Garden’s Lemon Stomper Live Resin Cartridge: One of nine hard-hitting cartridge options available from Raw Garden currently, we prefer the Lemon Stomper for 4/20 as its sativa-dominant, cerebral effects can help create the mood for the holiday season. Ideal for personal use, you can take draws from your cartridge at your own pace -- take a hit, set it down for an hour or two, and then grab it for another toke whenever you’re ready. Offering a potent 80.67% THC content, the bang for the buck is strong with this one at just $30 for a half-gram cart, WSL.

KIVA’s Terra Espresso Bites: One of our longest-running and most popular products on the edible menu, KIVA’s Espresso Bites are perfectly-dosable and perfectly-invigorating for holiday use. Offering 100mg THC per tin spread across 20 espresso beans coated in dark chocolate, each bite is only 5mg THC each, creating a manageable experience that members can slowly build up to, bite by bite. Pop in a movie and pop in these bites for a relaxing, but functional, wind down toward the end of your holiday night. $22/each, WSL.

IC Collective’s Zkittlez: Renowned provider IC Collective offers their take on this award-winning strain delivering an exemplary product that is true to the storied reputation of Zkittlez. Known for its relaxing, but not overly-potent, effects, Zkittlez is a strain for connoisseurs who can appreciate the intricate terpene profile of Zkittlez’ storied lineage. Testing at 24.20% THC, grab a pipe from our impressive glass selection, and load some bowls of this powerhouse product to keep you going throughout the day. $50/each, WSL.

Just a reminder -- we won’t have regular pre-order service available for 4/20 day only, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Don’t hesitate to ask your consultant about these or any other products on your next visit -- hope to see you in soon!