Hey, EWC Family, hope you all are staying safe and well out there -- just a reminder that we are still open for business, in-store and delivery, for both medical and recreational members. Not only are we still open, but we also have a full plate of new products ready for you to try out -- here’s some new preroll and edible selections that have arrived on the menu recently:

Floracal Prerolls: A provider that our flower lovers are familiar with, Floracal brings their high-quality flower into preroll form their full-gram cone offerings. Our current selection is their fabled Garlic Mints strain, a GMO x Animal Mints cross that offers a Diesel-like, Skunky flavor with euphoria-inducing and mildly couch-locking effects. Testing at 22.41% THC, the Garlic Mint roll is an ideal selection to end your day with after a long day at work. $12/each, WSL.

Lifted Hash Prerolls: Another tenured provider at Elemental, you may recognize Lifted from their tasty hash or award-winning edibles -- now ready yourself for their foray into the preroll industry with their potent, hash-infused prerolls. These personal cones weigh in at 0.7 gram each, and are available in three distinct varieties (Dank Sinatra, Sour Strawberries, and Strawberry Banana x Mendo) all testing right around an impressive 30% THC content. $15/each, WSL.

High Totem Prerolls: One preroll isn’t enough you say? Check out our new prerolls pack from first-time provider, High Totem -- providing a 4-pack of half-gram joints at a fantastic value of just $17/each. Our current variety is Diesel Punch, a 50/50 hybrid offering a sweet, gas-like flavor and balanced, but slightly-sativa leaning effects. Clocking in at 19.08% THC, Punch acts as a great daytime smoke to provide a palpable cerebral effects while keeping you functional and alert. WSL.

Stoned Age Edibles Beef Jerky: A unique addition to our edible menu, we’re happy to welcome our first meat-based to the menu in Elemental history -- Stoned Age’s new savory beef jerky sticks. Offered in six unique flavors (two of them being high-CBD varieties), there’s a jerky selection for everybody, ranging from 100mg THC to 100mg CBD (25:1 CBD/THC ratio). These jerky sticks are made from grass-fed ground beef chuck and are available at $24/each, WSL.

Don’t hesitate to ask your consultant to check out these new options or ask what else is new on your next visit -- we’re routinely adding new products to our menu! Hope to see you soon.