April is upon us, EWC Family, and while it may not be starting out how you imagined it when this year began, we’re still here for you with the goods to make the start of spring as good as possible for you and yours. Let’s take a look at five products currently on the menu to help you spring into April on the right foot.

Day Dreamers’ Blueberry Sativa Chocolate: Get a head start on Easter with some chocolates of your own -- even better when that chocolate is infused with some high-quality cannabis. Day Dreamers’ Sativa Chocolate is packed with 100mg THC aimed at “producing a cerebral effect that can help with psychological problems” We recommend starting with just a bit (10-15mg) and waiting -- you’ll likely be experiencing this product’s heralded mood-enhancing and awareness-promoting effects sooner than later. $18/each, WSL.

Clarified Molasses Ginger Cookie: To help with our current shelter-in-place situation we recommend Clarified Confections’ Molasses Ginger Cookie -- perfect to warm your insides while Netflix-and-chilling to start the month. Clarified is one of our longest-tenured providers, and one of our most popular -- if you haven’t tasted the hype yet, this spring is the perfect time. 100mg and $15/each, WSL.

Select Brand Cartridges: With an impressive nine varieties for members to choose from, Select’s consistently potent carts offer ideal options to take your mind off these strange times, and get your back into your happy place. Our personal favorite for the start of spring might just be Super Sour Diesel, which provides an insane 82.60% THC and will have you feeling like it’s the spring of the past. $50/each, WSL.

The True OG: Fans of flower will be happy to hear we’ve skipped the showers, and the good flower has arrived a month early -- the award-winning The True OG is back and there’s no better strain to have in your stash to take on spring with. Its effects are where The True earns its reputation -- a notably high THC content that doesn’t sacrifice on terpenes, it provides a hard-hitting cerebral buzz coupled with a palpable full-body relaxation that’ll have most users firmly planted on their couch. Currently on sale for just $45/8th, WSL.

El Blunto’s GG#4 Preroll: Ring in spring with style with El Blunto’s classy glass-tipped blunts. Snag the tried-and-proven GG#4 variety (20.3% THC) -- with 1.75 grams in each, this monster should be enough to give you several solo sessions, given current social distancing guidelines. These “cannagars” are wrapped in hemp (no tobacco) and topped off with a fancy glass tip to help users bring in the new season with class. Also, no need to worry about any shake or trim in your wrap -- El Blunto is only composed of the highest-quality, full-flower herb, providing users with the heart of the bud, not simply the leftovers. $35 for this 1.75-gram roll, WSL.