After a brief absence due to location change and Title XI regulations, the nursery has returned to Elemental Wellness once again to offer some of the top clones and seeds in the Bay Area. Currently stocked with premium breeders such as Cali Connection, TGA Subcool, and Crockett Family Farms, operations are back to functioning as usual.
"We're back to the stock and selection we had previously," said Sam, Supervisor of Elemental Nursery, "We have a vast variety of seeds and clones that fit the needs of both novice and veteran farmers."
Offering around 20 different clones and over 100 varieties of seeds at any given time, the nursery caters to growers of all levels. Strains such as the Grand Daddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies are recommended for beginners because of their short flowering time and resistance to stress. On the other hand, strains like the XXX OG are less forgiving and require more attention, but provide a generous yield and fantastic final product. 
Additionally, the nursery also makes a conscious effort to keep a selection of CBD clones and seeds available for patients at all times. Klebanov says the nursery is currently offering Remedy, a high-CBD strain noted for its extremely low levels of THC.
"The Remedy is harder to grow because it's much more finicky and nutrient-sensitive," said Sam. "But it can have CBD/THC ratio anywhere from 20:1 to 28:1 and is very rewarding for those willing to put in the work."
The nursery receives clone deliveries on a weekly basis as well, promoting a rich diversity of strains and keeping the menu stocked at all times. Elemental keeps those clones under a 24-hour vegetative cycle to avoid flowering, which can be caused by even brief periods of darkness in certain strains.
"We're really focusing on quality control and differentiating ourselves from other nurseries," said Sam. "We have a great reputation as going the extra mile to make sure members get a quality product and they know we care about our plants."
In addition to having one of the most comprehensive selections in the Bay Area, Elemental also offers the resources and information to help members through their grows. Any of our knowledgeable consultants in the nursery are happy to offer advice or tips to members, and, as of February 1st, our weekly growing classes have returned on Monday nights at 7 p.m.
"From the end of March until the end of May is when things really kick into overdrive," said Sam. "Everyone is preparing for their outdoor grows and we're already getting ourselves ready for that."
The nursery is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week.