You’ve made it Elemental Family -- we’ve marched right past winter as spring is almost upon us here on the first day of March. As the sun begins to peak out more and more often, you’ll need that special stash to accompany such a welcomed transition. Here are five selections currently on the menu that’ll have you sliding into spring with style:

IC Collective’s Chem Scout: Chem Scout is regarded among the most potent indica-dominant strains, while still packing a powerful punch in the terpene department. Its pungent, gassy aroma arguably inspires alertness just giving the jar a whiff, and it’s hard-hitting effects are great for focus-oriented tasks. Hanging with friends in Plaza de Cesar Chavez and planning for your upcoming summer road trips certainly qualify as such tasks. Our current batch tests @ 19.9% THC and is available on the top shelf @ $50/eighth, while supplies last.

Utopia’s GG4 Live Sugar: Highlighted as our Featured Provider just last month, Utopia has long served as one of our most versatile and consistent vendors, providing ‘live’ extracts at an unbeatable value. Patients owning a high tolerance and seeking a mid-day pick-me-up would be wise to look toward Utopia’s trusty GG4 Live Sugar (66.01% THC), which offers users a sugary-but-wet consistency that’s ideal for dabbing, but can also be mixed with flower in either a wrap or bowl. At just $15/half gram, Utopia is a great option for those seeking a reliable sativa-dominant extract, but wanting to save some cash for upcoming festivals and road trips as well. While supplies last.

KIVA’s Terra Espresso Bites: Longtime Elemental members likely were ahead of the curve on the Terra Bites trend, as its one of Elemental’s longest-running, consistently-available edible varieties. Providing members with easily-’poppable’ chocolate/espresso bites, no-fuss-preferring coffee lovers have long been inclined toward KIVA’s tasty bites. At a very manageable 5mg THC per bite, this is a perfect selection for those looking for a subtle boost into spring. $22 for a tin of 20 bites (100mg total), while supplies last.

Sublime’s Sour Diesel Cartridge: Counting itself among the quintessential sativa-dominant strains, Sublime’s take on Sour Diesel is the perfect companion to help make the leap from winter to spring. Providing subtle, yet palpable, pulls, Sublime’s efficient glass-tip/Sneaker battery combo offers both the discreteness and functionality to have you active from AM to PM as the days get longer. Diesel is highly regarded for its refined, gassy flavor and seriously uplifting effects, sure to give you the fuel to spring forward in the coming month; current batch testing @ 84% THC and available @ just $40/gram, WSL.

Plus’ Sour Blueberry Gummies: Plus’ Sour Blueberry gummies (100mg THC) are the perfect choice for edible fans seeking a tasty, delightfully-dosable option that will allow them make it through the longer days. Containing just 5mg THC per bite, this is the quintessential snack to slowly munch on throughout the entirety of your day. $15/each for 100mg, tin contains 20 five-mg bites.

Be sure to ask your consultant about these and other great springtime products on your next visit. Hope to see you in soon!