We’re springing into action for the beginning of March, by adding some great value options to the flower and preroll menus from our new friends at Humboldt Trees. Humboldt has a rich history of providing some of the finest cannabis known to man, and the folks at Trees add to this storied reputation by cultivating single-source, small-batch, craft cannabis. All batches are sun-grown and hand-trimmed, giving all strains a fresh-off-the-farm feel that users will be able to taste with each hit. 

Let’s take a look at the flower and preroll strains that Humboldt is currently offering on the Elemental menu:

Lemon Diesel flower: Looking for a strong sativa for your morning session? Look no further than the Lemon Diesel (29.68% THC), a potent sativa hybrid offering a citrusy-gassy aroma that has been known to promote alertness from a simple whiff of the jar. Toss in a THC content pushing the 30-percent line, and Lemon Diesel provides the perfect characteristics for a cerebral experience users won’t soon forget. With tall, pine-tree-like buds and a fluffy texture, eighths are going for just $30/each, WSL.

Orange Creamsicle flower: On the indica-dominant side of things, we have the Orange Creamsicle, also testing a bit more manageable on the THC scale at 18.58%. This Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit crush offers a markedly fruity flavor and relaxing effects. Providing smaller buds with rich orange hairs poking out throughout their body, these dense nuggets bounce around like rocks in their container. Setting you back just $25/eighth, it’s hard to find a downside with the Creamsicle.

Banana OG Preroll: Offering 100% full flower (no shake or time), Humboldt’s prerolls simply spare users the extra time of having to break down their buds. The Banana OG (19.25% THC) is the heaviest indica hybrid from Humboldt’s initial offerings, and offers the distinct Banana-like flavor experienced users have come to expect from this strain. Crossing OG Kush and Banana Kush, one can anticipate a calming, sedating experience from this slow-burning treat that’ll have users reaching for another hit. $7/each, WSL.

Double OG Preroll: Another strain with OG roots, the Double crosses Big Bud x Afgoo x SFV OG Kush for another variety that’s probably best suited for end-of-day use. Providing a sugary-earthy flavor and clocking in at 18.76% THC, this OG will have users in a sweet state of bliss without becoming too psychoactive. Also known to help users kick stress and anxiety, we recommend saving this delicacy for after an especially long day. $7/each, WSL.

We look forward to gathering even more Humboldt Trees products onto the menu in the near future, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Don’t hesitate to ask your consultant about these Humboldt products on your next visit -- hope to see you soon!