We’re gearing up for springtime here at Elemental by adding a bevy of new eye-catching products across the board! Whether you’re keen on beverages, flower, or vaporizers, we have a brand-spanking-new option that’ll meet your needs; let’s take a look:

Kikoko Tea: We’re stoked to now be offering 4 varieties of tea packs from our friends at Kikoko: Positivi, Sensuali, Tranquli, and Sympa -- all offering varying amounts of THC, CBD, and CBN. Positivi is a balanced combination of CBD and THC, great for therapeutic benefits, but still offering a palpable, but manageable, sensation of psychoactivity. Sensuali offers a standard THC-only composition, great for blowing off some steam after a long day, or, in small doses, helping to socialize at a gathering. Tranquili is a CBN-heavy offering, making an ideal sidekick to help fight insomnia and stress. And lastly, Sympa is our CBD-dominant variety, best used to assist in managing anxiety, inflammation, depression, and more. 4 packs in each for just $24/each, available WSL.

Dime Bag Flower: Stepping in as a fantastic value option on the flower menu, our pals at Dime Bag are now providing their quality flower offerings, available at just $25/each. Current selections include Berry White, Dragon Fire, and Sour Apple, all testing between 15-17% THC. Berry White is a classic indica variety regarded for its sweet/earthy flavor and sedating effects -- ideal as an after-work special. Dragon Fire is our sativa-leaning option, offering a complex cirtusy/spicy flavor with invigorating effects -- perfect for your wake-n-bake session. Rounding out the bunch is Sour Apple, a 50/50 hybrid with a fuel-like flavor and balanced effects -- great for either daytime or nighttime use. 

Simply Stoneade: New Simply Stoneade Shooters are perfect to add to another non-medicated drink (or hey, maybe medicated, who are we to say?) at just 20mg THC per tube. Available in three varieties: Lemonade, Blueberry Lemonade, and Raspberry Lemonade -- 11 fluid ounces, 30mL each. Available at $7/each, WSL. 

Legion of Bloom Sauce Vaporizer Cartridges: We’re very happy to add yet another outstanding product from tried-and-true provider Legion of Bloom to the menu. Legion’s new sauce cartridges are refined live resin extracts sourced from full-spectrum, single-source flower that qualifies as a High Terpene Extract (HTE) while being refined 3x over for maximum quality output. Current varieties on the menu include: Double OG, Gelato 33, and Sunset Sherbet, all testing between 68-78% THC. Available for $30/half gram, WSL.

Don’t hesitate to ask your consultant about these and any other products in our vast array of options on your next visit. Hope to see you back soon!