1. an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

Utopia might be closer than you think -- in fact it’s just right down the street on Timothy Drive here at EWC in the form of Utopia’s premium line of cannabis products. Utopia is a locally-grown success, operating since 2014 and winning over 35 different awards on the competitive cannabis circuit for their vast array of top-notch creations. Counted as a favorite provider among celebrity partakers such as Danny Brown and Action Bronson as well, Utopia has quickly risen to the head of the pack thanks to the quality, consistency, and compassion packed into every product.

Today, we delve into some of our favorite live extract varieties currently available on the EWC menu from the fine folks at Utopia:

C4 Live Sugar: Offering balanced, 50-50 hybrid-like effects, C4 is an ever-so-sweet mashup of Cotton Candy x Shishkaberry that’s sure to blow members’ minds. Utopia hits the nail on the head with this notoriously heavy resin producer, whipping up a final product that’s powerfully potent (72.94% THC), while not sacrificing in the terpene department. Providing a looser consistency that’ll have dabbers grinning, this explosive extract is available for just $15/half gram, WSL.

Forbidden Live Sauce: Providing a citrusy, with a hint of earthiness flavor, Forbidden is an indica-leaning option that’ll have members relaxed, but without fully incapacitating them. Weighing in with a manageable 64.32% THC content, and a similarly drippy consistency, our extract aficionados would be advised to try this tasty toker before any light activity to make it a bit more enjoyable. Also available at $15/half gram, WSL.

GG#4 Live Sugar: Ol’ reliable -- GG#4 offers up a trusty go-to for users seeking a sativa-leaning stimulator to add to shake up their daily routine. With an enticing cross of Chem Sis x Sour Dub x Chocolate Thai, this gassy-meets-pungent combination will surely remind members what made this strain so special when it first popped up on the radar years ago. With a more manageable consistency that’s ideal either for dabbing or mixing with flower, GG#4 is a true utility extract, great for any situation. $15/half gram, WSL.

Sour OG Live Sugar: Though listed as a 50/50 hybrid, most members tend to find the effects of Sour OG increasingly sativa-dominant, similar in both taste and effect to the popular Headband strain. Providing 61.26% in the THC department, Sour OG is known to give users a palpable cerebral buzz, without ever becoming too stimulating -- perfect for social gathering or as a wake-n-bake companion. Similar to GG#4 in consistency, we feel comfortable recommending the Sour OG for either dabbing or mixing -- $15/half gram, WSL.

Caeser OG Live Diamonds: The creme de la creme of current Utopia varieties, the Caeser OG comes to you in the form of glistening resin ‘diamonds’ slathered in golden, terpy sauce. Boasting a 78.59% THC content, while still retaining maximum terpenes, it’s truly hard to find any downside to this balanced hybrid. Toeing the 50-50 line, this strain is truly whatever you make it to be -- daytime use can provide a powerful cerebral buzz, and partaking before bed can help battle even the most stubborn insomnia. Available at $50/gram, WSL.

Be on the lookout for more Utopia extracts to continue to drop on the menu in the near future, and don’t hesitate to ask your consultant to check out these Utopia products on your next visit. We look forward to seeing you back soon!