Cannabis - Icy Indica Strains

Happy Chinese New Year, Elemental Family! We hope you’re making it through the winter weather alright; If you’re struggling with the short days and cold fronts, you’re not alone -- just hang in there, spring is right around the corner. In the meantime, we have an irie selection of icy indicas in stock to help you snooze through the extra hours of darkness ‘til the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are five indicas currently in stock most ideal to help members snag some extra Z’s.

Icy Indica Flower

King’s Garden’s Pie Hoe #5: Pie Hoe (24% THC) has quickly become a favorite of indica fanatics since its introduction to the menu, and with good reason. Offering hearty, dense nuggets with shades of purple throughout, this Grape Pie x Tahoe OG cross tastes of sweet fruit and fresh earthiness. Users report immediately couch-locky effects coupled with a full-body stone that will have you tingling from head to toe. Currently available at $90/quarter, WSL. 

Dabblicious’ Cement Shoes Live Sugar: As the name of this refined extract from the award-winning team at Dabblicious would suggest, being active is likely the last thing you’ll want to do after taking a hit of this indica powerhouse. Brought to you using a live extraction process, Cement Shoes (66.46% THC) offers both the potency and flavor you’ve come to expect from the top-teir artists at DBS. Crossing Animal Cookies x OGKB x Wet Dream, its lineage only confirms what we already know: the genetics are top-notch and offer maximum myrcene content to allow cannabinoids to easily pass the blood-brain barrier. Available at just $30/gram, WSL.

Icy Indica Oil Cartridge

Select’s 3X Crazy Oil Cartridge: We can’t think of many strains leaning further toward the indica side of the spectrum than 3X Crazy. Named for its impressive lineage of crossing three of the heaviest indicas known to man (OG Kush x Bubba Kush x Granddaddy Purple), 3X is a staple in any indica aficionado’s stash. With both notes of sweet grape and pungent earthiness detectable in the taste, this tried-and-true strain both looks, tastes, and feels like a classic indica variety. Select’s 3x Crazy carts (73.64% THC) available at $50/gram, WSL.

Icy Indica Edibles

Plus Products’ Blackberry Lemon Gummies: Aptly referred to as Plus’ ‘Unwind’ variety, the Blackberry Lemon Gummies offer an unbeatable combination of calming and sedating characteristics perfect for easing both the mind and the body. These delicious bites are infused from scratch with natural, gluten-free, and kosher ingredients. Offering 90mg THC and 10mg CBD (4.5mg THC and 0.5mg CBD per bite), feel free to dose these treats as you feel comfortable -- as usual we recommend staying on the light side and increasing as needed.

Icy Indica Preroll

El Blunto’s Hardcore OG Preroll: We’ve been huge fans of El Blunto since it made its way onto the menu last year and with good reason: these hemp-wrapped rolls are sourced with full-bud flower, giving you the heart of the cannabis plant, always true to how the strains should be enjoyed. The Hardcore OG (16.11% THC) is no exception, blessing members with a prime offering of this indica-heavy Big Bud x DJ Short’s Blueberry crossed in the form of this 1.75-gram behemoth topped off with a fancy glass tip. We’d recommend sharing this one with some friends or making it last multiple solo uses, and the full monty can be a bit much for even our most seasoned members. $35/each, WSL.

We hope these hand-picked selections will make trudging through the rest of the winter a bit more manageable. Be sure to ask your consultant about these and other icy indica selections on your next visit -- hope to see you in soon!