Hash is one of the oldest and trusted methods of cannabis consumption, and here at Elemental, we’re proud to offer several quality varieties of this ancient craft on our solventless extract menu. Whether it’s powdered hash, rosin, temple balls, or pressed hash, we have all the selections that our concentrate connoisseurs desire available for purchase. Today we take a quick look at our pressed hash selection -- what it is, what strains we offer, and why Biscotti is among the best pressed hash providers in the market today.

What is pressed hash? It has the same foundation as good ol’ bubble hash, which is made by extracting the resin glands (trichomes) from the bud’s plant matter by use of cold water extraction. Then, in the interest of preserving the freshness of the product for the longest possible time frame, heat and pressure are applied (i.e., pressing it) for added density. This method of hash extraction was created in the middle east long ago, but has been picked up and evolved by domestic extract artists more recently, including by our partners over at Biscotti.

What is Biscotti? If you’ve perused the EWC extract menu anytime over the last few years, you’re likely already familiar with Biscotti’s top-shelf coldwater products, but for the uninitiated, here’s a quick round-up: “Biscotti is an Italian craft cannabis brand producing premium hash products for consumers seeking an elevated cannabis experience ...handcrafted, glass jarred, and wax-sealed to preserve each product’s premium quality and flavor. Biscotti products are made with the most premium cannabis materials and without the use of pesticides, chemicals, solvents or non-cannabis additive of any kind.”

What varieties are currently offered? At the moment we have three unique selections of Biscotti pressed hash available, all on sale for just $20/gram, while supplies last. Members seeking a sativa-dominant hybrid would be wise to look toward the tried-and-true GG4. Testing at an impressive 53.13% THC and providing a pungent, sour flavor, a hit or two of the GG should have members alert and ready to take on the day. Those seeking more of a true 50/50 hybrid may want to take a closer look at our TITS x Chem Krush variety, weighing in at 60.2% THC. Offering an sour/earthy terpene profile that translates perfectly to smoke, this potent cross may have users a bit more couch-locked than the aforementioned GG4. Lastly, for fans of more indica-leaning strains, we have our popular Zkittlez selection, testing at 53.21% THC. This sweet-and-earthy strain is known to be a bit more manageable in the THC category, while providing more of a heavy full-body effect that users should begin to feel immediately following consumption. No matter what your preference, we currently have a pressed hash variety that will meet your needs.

Pressed hash is recommended to be consumed in conjunction with at least some amount of flower either in a pipe or joint, but can also be consumed by itself with proper technique. Don’t hesitate to ask your consultant about our pressed hash selections and/or the best ways to use this product on your next visit. Hope to see you in soon!