New year, same us -- Elemental is happy to be entering our 10th year of operation, offering you the Bay Area’s best selection of products across the board along the way. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite products on the menu to help accompany you into the new decade.

FloraCal’s Sonoma Cake flower: Celebrate the new year with some cake -- some Sonoma Cake that is. This heavy-hitting indica (28.48% THC) offers full-body relaxation coupled with palpable cerebral effects to provide users with a best-of-both-worlds experience. The aesthetics are reminiscent of a refined Cookies grow: a pungent earthy aroma and satisfyingly dense nuggets with alternating shades of purple strewn throughout. With Sonoma’s looks and THC content this strain won’t be around long, so hurry in! $50/eighth, while supplies last.

El Blunto’s Mimosa Preroll: Ditch the cliche cigar, and trade it in for an El Blunto this new year. Snag a tasty Mimosa variety (25.20% THC) to pass around the circle to celebrate another year of friendship and good vibrations. These “cannagars” are wrapped in hemp (no tobacco) and topped off with a fancy glass tip to help users bring in the new year with class. Also, no need to worry about any shake or trim in your wrap -- El Blunto is only composed of the highest-quality, full-flower herb, providing users with the heart of the bud, not simply the leftovers. $35 for this 1.75-gram roll, WSL.

Legion of Bloom’s Miracle Alien Cookies Cartridge: Every new day is a miracle, and every new decade is even more so -- congratulate yourself for making it to the 2020s with a potent Miracle Alien Cookies vaporizer cart (85% THC) from our friends at Legion of Bloom. This cross of Alien Cookies x Columbian x Starfighter provides influences from across the entire spectrum to provide users with a unique cannabis experience, offering true hybrid effects with an aroma that’s described as containing “Notes of sour citrus highlights, sweet floral accents, and a deep earthy finish.” $30/each, WSL.

King’s Garden Big Smooth Live Crumble: For a seamless transition into 2020, we recommend sliding over to King’s Garden Big Smooth Live Crumble (76.18% THC). Reserved for our higher-tolerance members, this potent extract can either be dabbed or mixed with flower to provide users with a couch-locky, indica-heavy experience. Created from a Blueberry x Cookies N’ Cream cross, users will notice the sweet, earthy flavor, extracted using the “live” process for maximum terpene retention and potency. Just $30/gram, WSL.

Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Hops: Crack a cold one and toast to the future with our newly-added Hi-Fi Hops, available in three unique varieties with varying combinations of THC and CBD ratios. These refreshing beverages do not contain any alcohol, and with a very mangable THC content per bottle, you can feel comfortable drinking an entire bottle without becoming incapacitated. At just $7/bottle, ABX’s Hi-Fi Hops are the perfect drink to have in your hand in 2020.

So, happy new year indeed, Elemental Family -- we hope 2020 is everything you’re hoping for and more. Be sure to ask your consultant about these and other quality products to help you ring in the new year. Hope to see you in soon!