Happy Holidays, EWC Family! ‘Tis the season for giving, and, in addition to our 12 Days of Kushmas & NYE deals, we’re doing our part by adding a plethora of quality products to the menu across the board! We’ve got prerolls, caramels, honey, topicals, and more aimed to please any and every member that walks through our doors! Let’s jump into what’s new here at the Center.

Up North’s Prerolls: If you’ve ever perused our top-shelf flower selection, you’re likely familiar with our partners at Up North. We’re stoked to introduce UN’s new prerolls -- the same high-quality flower you’ve come to know and love conveniently rolled in a slow-burning joint paper. Enjoy a full gram of full-bud flower -- our current variety is the stimulating sativa classic Durban Poison, weighing in at an impressive 26.35% THC, making it an ideal selection for your wake-and-bake session. $14/each, WSL.

Day Dreamers’ Caramels: Coming in with another familiar name, Day Dreamers adds to their ever-growing selection of edibles here at EWC with two new varieties of their delectable caramel creations. Offering Macchiato and Vanilla Madagascar selections, these delicious treats provide a light and delicious start to your day. Offering 60mg per pack spread out throughout 6 pieces, these delicacies are easy to dose, provided you have the will power not to eat too many of these mouthwatering sweets. $12/each, WSL.

Kikoko’s HoneyShots: Finally, a new name to the menu: Kikoko makes a splash onto the edible menu with their unique HoneyShots -- packets of honey that can be consumed either on their own or in conjunction with your other favorite treats! Look for their four distinct varieites: Buzz, Focus, Calm, and Snooze, with each providing different combinations of THC, CBD, and CBN to provide you with the specific desired effects you’re seeking! $5 each, WSL.

Kush Queen’s Ignite Intimate Lubricant: Lastly, from the folks over at Kush Queen comes the new Ignite Lubricant -- a lube specifically designed to provide support during your most intimate encounters. With 26mg THC per bottle, Ignite is water-based and totally latex-safe, aimed to provide a fun and healthy experience. Ignite is paraben-free, petrochemical-free, latex-compatible, and non-staining; contains purified water, citric acid, hydroxyethylcellulose, hydroxypropyl, methylcellulouse, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, xanthan gum, in addition to cannabis oil. $30/bottle, WSL.

Ask your consultant about these and other new products on your next visit. Again, Happy Holidays and we hope to see you in soon!