After a brief hiatus due to moving locations, Cooking with Cannabis has returned to Elemental. To celebrate the return of the class, our instructor, Chef Jeni, demonstrated how to make cannabis-infused no bake brownies and granola bars.


Jeni got the ball rolling with the no-bake brownie, which is an ideal snack for any patient that doesn't want to deal with using a stove or oven. She portioned out the ingredients to make a batch of approximately 32 brownies, with each unit containing approximately 12.5 milligrams of THC.


To begin, Jeni added the dry materials (oats, cocoa powder, salt, etc.) into a processor and blended them together until they were evenly distributed throughout the mix. After these ingredients were thoroughly blended, Jeni added banana and applesauce, which she explained are essential to the consistency of the final product.


"The applesauce and banana are very important because that's what holds this together and adds substance," Jeni said.


The last step was the addition of the medicine. For this treat, Jeni chose to use 400 milligrams of Kind Oil Sativa, saying that it meshes well with nearly any dish.


"I prefer Kind Oil because it has a cleaner taste and mixes a little better than some other things," said Jeni, "If I'm baking something really sweet, I may use a coconut oil since that tends to go better with something like that."


Jeni suggests leaving the brownies in the fridge for one hour before consumption to allow the mix to harden a bit.


For the second part of class, Jeni moved on to granola bars, which were being made for patients who may have a higher cannabis tolerance. For this mix, Jeni used an entire jar of Clarified Confections Ghee Butter (~900 milligrams), which helps add some stick to the granola and also shakes out to about 76 milligrams of THC in each bar.


In addition to its potency, Jeni stressed the flexibility of this recipe, and how patients can tweak it to make it fit their personal dietary restrictions.


"You can add any variety of fruits and nuts in this," Jeni said. "I'm adding strawberries and chocolate chips just because it's easy and delicious."


Jeni stirs her mix in a large bowl while the butter melts, making sure all ingredients are spread throughout. She then adds the melted butter on top of that and continues to stir, before adding one of the most important parts of the recipe.


"Almond is one of the best ways to mask the cannabis smell and flavor." Jeni said. "We used almond extract--you just need a little, not a lot."


After portioning the mix into individual serving sizes, the snack was ready for patients to take home and try out for themselves! Cooking with Cannabis will continue next week at its new time, Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Hope to see you here!