Hey, Elemental Family -- hope you’re staying warm and enjoying your fall season so far. It’s been a while since our last New Product Roundup, and we have a lot to catch up on today, so let’s get right to it!

Absolute Xtracts’ Hi-Fi Hops: We’re excited to be offering three unique varieties of Hi-Fi Hops from Absolute Xtracts. These “beer-like” beverages contain varying levels of THC and CBD, while containing absolutely no alcohol, and offering a satisfying and flavorful taste. For our CBD fans, we have two varieties for your enjoyment: a balanced 1:1 (5mg THC, 5mg CBD) and a CBD-heavy 18:1 ratio (18mg CBD, 1mg THC). For those that prefer a heavier dose of psychoactivity, our THC selection will do the trick, offering 10mg per serving. At just $7/each, Hi-Fi Hops are light on your stomach and your wallet. WSL.

Lowell Herb’s Rosin Cartridges: With the rapid ascension of vaporizer cartridges in the market over the past few years, it can be difficult for cartridge connoisseurs to find something truly unique nowadays. Lowell Herb Co seeks to fill that void with the introduction of their hashy new Rosin Cartridges that are “as close to the flower smoking experience as you can get in a vape.” Sourced from cold-pressed cannabis oil that preserves the original cannabinoid/terpene profile, while also offering a disposable battery/cartridge combo, you won’t have to worry about quality or purchasing an additional battery with this hard-hitting new product. $45/half gram, WSL.

Biscotti‘s Hash-Infused Prerolls: Longtime members will recognize Biscotti from their prowess on the cold-water extracts menu over the years, providing some of the finest hash on the Elemental menu. Now, Biscotti brings their new Hash-Infused Prerolls to the menu combining that same top-tier hash with quality flower, twisted up into four half-gram joints for your smoking pleasure. Currently available in two unique varieties (Tropical Tahoe and Lavender Pineapple) at $40/pack, we have a feeling it’s not long ‘til these ones become member favorites. WSL.

Kiva’s Holiday Selections: Kiva has been leading the cannabis-infused chocolate industry for a long minute now, and more recently, the gummies category as well. They’ve been a staple on the EWC menu for several years, and in addition to these familiar varieties you’ve grown to know and love, we’re happy to introduce two new holiday-themed varieties: Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bars (100mg THC, $20/each) and Holiday Punch Camino Gummies (100mg THC, $18/each). It’s impossible to go wrong with either delectable selection, it simply comes down to a matter of preference for each member -- or just grab both! WSL.

That’s it for now -- be sure to ask your consultant about these and other new products on the EWC menu on your next visit. Hope to see you in soon!