With November now upon us, and the slight winter chill making its way to the Bay Area, Elemental has the goods ready to keep you warm during these colder months. We have THE HEAT all the way across the board to keep you comfortable during these chilly times. So grab a blanket and cup of coffee, and let’s dig into some of EWC’s products that are perfect for bringing the warmth this winter.

Wonder 4 Dogs’ CBD Tincture: First off, let’s keep our furry friends in mind this winter -- although they’re suited with a warm coat of fur, they still may need some extra help to stay comfrotable during the winter months. To help with this, we recommend trying new Wonder 4 Dogs (300mg CBD, 12mg THC) designed to drop calms even in the most adverse situations. Simply add to your pet’s food or water and relax! $30/each, WSL.

Clarified Confections Cookies: Not much out there can warm one’s insides like a homemade, care-packed cookie from the awesome folks at Clarified. It’s just what the doctor ordered this fall and winter -- the perfect companion for snuggling up next to a warm fire while enjoying some high-quality THC. Offering four delectable varieties at one of our top values ($15/each, 100mg THC), our favorite fall selection may just be the unique Molasses Ginger option. Clarified is one of our longest-tenured providers, and one of our most popular -- if you haven’t tasted the hype yet, this fall is the perfect time.

Fig Farms’ Purple Fig: This Romulan x Snow Leopard cross from the award-winning team at Fig Farms offers everything that the top-tier provider has become known for: strong tree-shaped nugs, an overpoweringly sweet aroma, and an overall smoking experience that will even have the most persnickety connoisseurs nodding their head in agreement. This indica-heavy purple is known to be a bit of a couch-locker, so we’d recommend reserving its services for the end of your day. We love Purple Fig as a go-to after an emotionally-taxing Thanksgiving with in-laws -- you deserve it! $50/8th, WSL.

Select Brand Cartridges: With an impressive five varieties for members to choose from, Select’s consistently potent carts offer ideal options to take your mind off the inclimate weather, and put you on your own personal beach (in your mind at least, real beach not included). Our personal favorite for the winter months might just be Maui Wowie, which provides an insane 91.47% THC and will have you in a summer state of mind, even if the weather outside doesn’t reflect that. $50/each, WSL.

King’s Garden Ice Cream Cake Live Shatter: Since it may be too cold for actual ice cream, King Garden’s Ice Cream Cake (71.19% THC) may be as close as you can get for a while. This hybrid extract is everything you want from quality ice cream: perfectly sweet, beautiful to look at, and is designed to make you feel good on the inside. Offering a desirable golden hue and easy-to-use snap-and-pull consistency, you’ll almost forget that it’s too cold for real ice cream. $35/gram, WSL.

Hurry in and grab one of these wonderful winter products before we’re COLD OUT! Hope to see you in soon!