With summer firmly in the rearview and fall now in full swing, the treats are on deck at Elemental as we gear up for yet another eventful Halloween! No tricks here -- we’re offering a plethora of premium products that are sure to keep you sporting a bigger smile than even your jack o'lantern! Let’s take a peek at some of our spooky-good features -- so good they’ll give you goosebumps!

King’s Garden Ghost OG: This take on classic OG lineage has always been among our favorites, and there’s no better time for it than Halloween. Ghost OG (25.4% THC) offers prototypical OG flavor with some hard-hitting, indica-leaning effects. Offering dense, bulbous buds with bold orange hairs poking out from within, this powerhouse strain offers both bag appeal and potent effects. Be careful though -- this beast might scare some novice smokers right out of your rotation. $50/8th, WSL.

King’s Garden Banana OG Live Diamonds: If there’s one day of the year that fruit tends to be overlooked, it’s Halloween. With all the focus on candy, we recommend adding some fruit to your Halloween itinerary, and the Banana OG Live Diamonds (77.7% THC) is the perfect way to do it. Offering an overwhelming (in a good way) sweet, earthy aroma emanating from beautiful glistening Live Diamonds, extract aficionados won’t need much to fuel your Halloween activities, whatever they may be. $50/gram, WSL.

Satori’s Wild Strawberry CBD Bites: With so many vampires, werewolves, etc. running around out there, you don’t want the wrong type of “bite” this Halloween. So, we recommend our Wild Strawberry CBD Bites, aimed to keep users relaxed with a therapeutic blend of CBD and THC that’s easy on the taste buds as well. Offering a manageable 10:1 ratio, THC compliments CBD to provide a stronger synergistic effect, without making users feel significantly “high.” 140mg CBD, 14mg THC total, $20/bag, WSL.

Wonder 4 Dogs’ CBD Tincture: With such an unusual amount of strangers possibly expected to be stopping by your residence, let’s not forget about the stress that Halloween may bring some of our furry friends. To help keep the stress low for both you and your fur baby, we recommend trying new Wonder 4 Dogs (300mg CBD, 12mg THC) designed to drop calms even in the most stressful situations. Simply add to your pet’s food or water and relax! $30/each, WSL.

Jetty Extracts’ Alien OG Pax Pod: Rounding out the list is yet another OG variety that is totally out of this world! For those of us on kid duty this holiday, the Alien OG Pax Pod (77.47% THC) is a perfectly discreet option designed to keep you hauntingly happy without leaving a smoke trail in your wake! Counting itself among the more balanced OGs, Alien will provide palpably potent effects without leaving you totally couch-locked for the night. $35/each, WSL.

No matter what your preference, we have the perfect Halloween product waiting for you here at Elemental! Safe holidays to all, and we hope to see you here at the Center soon!