And just like that, it’s over folks. That’s right: though it seems like it just began yesterday, we only have one official week of summer remaining, as the fall season looms ahead of us, beginning on September 23rd. While we do experience notably more summer-esque weather for the first bit of fall than most regions, there is an undeniable change in the air, and Elemental is here to accompany you on the transition. Let’s jump into five EWC products that should be stocking your stash as the weather begins to cool. *All information is accurate as of 9/12/2019:

Fig Farms Prerolls: Nothing says fall like some figs, and we have just the recipe for you here at EWC in Fig Farms’ award-winning prerolls. These full-gram rolls are composed of full-flower product sourced from indoor grows right here in the Bay Area. Our current selection is composed of entirely indica-dominant varieties, testing from 16%-20% THC. At just $12/each, these rolls are the perfect compliment to a snuggly night in with a loved one.

Raw Garden Vaporizer Cartridges: With a staggering nine selections for members to currently choose from, RAW’s amazingly terpy cartridges are the perfect companion to head into autumn with some flavor. Our personal favorite for fall would have to be Bubba’s Blues (83.3% THC), boasting enough potency to knock the post-summer blues right out of your system! $30/each, WSL.

Clarified Confections Cookies: Clarified is back, as strong as ever, and just what the doctor ordered to keep your insides warm heading into the new season. Offering four delectable varieties at one of our top values ($15/each, 100mg THC), our favorite fall selection may just be the unique Molasses Ginger option. Clarified is one of our longest-tenured providers, and one of our most popular -- if you haven’t tasted the hype yet, this fall is the perfect time.

Redwood Remedies’ Black Velvet: This Thin Mint x Starfighter cross from the folks at Redwood Remedies exhibits everything this top-notch provider has become known for: classic pine-tree-shaped buds, a quite dank aroma, and overall top-shelf quality at a great value. This indica-leaning hybrid toes the 50/50 line, thus making it ideal for nearly any occasion. Offering a piney, fruity aroma and full-body relaxation, we like the Velvet as a great strain to go along with a cup of hot chocolate once the time comes. $40/each, WSL.

Creme de Canna’s Grape Pie Live Shatter: Fall is the time for pie -- if it’s Grape Pie, and it just so happens to be in Live Shatter form, then that’s even better. Such is the case with Creme de Canna’s current offering (75.23% THC), an indica-heavy extract reserved for our highest-tolerance members. Offering a sweet, berry-like flavor with powerfully potent effect, we recommend reserving this beauty for a special event. Easy like pie at just $20/half gram.

That’s it for now -- the definitive EWC “featured favorites for your fall stash” list, guaranteed to make the seasonal transition a bit more stomachable. Be sure to ask your consultant for other fall favorites on your next visit. And to all our sun-preferring friends reading -- don’t forget, this isn’t goodbye to summer, it’s just “see ya’ later!”