Looking for a top-of-the-line concentrate to keep you feeling festive this holiday season? Search no further than the new Co2 extracts from Wonder, now available at Elemental. The concentrate is offered in a plethora of strains which are highly refined for maximum terpene content, while also routinely testing at a whopping 70 percent THC or more. We sampled the Tahoe OG oil, which is regarded as an indica-dominant hybrid.


"It's one of the first solvent-free Co2-extracted products on the market," said Simple Solutions' chemist, who processes for Wonder, "and the health benefits are that it has zero traces of any [solvents]."


The oil comes packaged in a simple, yet efficient, plastic tube designed for patients to scoop their desired amount of concentrate with ease. Upon opening, a striking aroma of natural cannabis oil escapes the container, as opposed to the sweet, fruity scent that Co2 extracts can sometimes offer. The consistency appears syrupy at first glance, but actually proves more viscous than meets the eye upon contact with the concentrate tool. Once completely removed from the container, the concentrate adheres to the tool extremely well; it's an ideal texture for dabbing, and can also be used easily in most vaporizer cartridges.


Regarded as a favorite strain among many kush enthusiasts, I had high hopes for the Tahoe OG oil, and it certainly didn't disappoint. I used the KOIL Vaporizer pen to sample the extract, and was immediately met with its unmistakable OG flavor upon first taste--notably woody with a hint of pine and spice. The vapor was smooth on my throat and lungs, it's 0 ppm test clearly evident in the final product. As I exhaled, the onset of its effects were immediate--a wave of euphoria coupled with a pleasing deep-body relaxation. The effects were steadfast and lasted a couple of hours, eventually providing the sedative qualities that the strain is lauded for.


"We start with strain-specific material resourced by Wonder," Simple Solutions' chemist said. "There's still a small amount of stability in the products which keeps it from moving more like a gel."


Overall, I found the Wonder Co2 to be an excellent choice for both novice and veteran concentrate users alike. For beginners, its versatility and ease of use are preferable as it keeps the mess to a minimum and can be used in a variety of different settings. For more seasoned users, its complex terpene profile pleases the palette, while providing THC levels that are adequate for even the highest tolerance. Grams are currently in stock at Elemental for $55 and are $5 off with any mention of our Instagram ad, while supplies last.