It is most certainly a hot product summer here at Elemental, as the good news with fresh, quality products just keeps rolling in. This week’s new product round-up focuses heavily on the flower and edible subcategories, while briefly touching on the topical sector as well. So, if you’re a fan of potently sweet eats or value flower, you won’t want to miss this round-up. Let’s dig in.

Korova’s Oatmeal Cookies: Korova kicks things off this week with two new Mini Cookies offerings in their Oatmeal Glaze and Vegan Oatmeal. Both varieties offer 100mg THC (10mg per cookie) at just $16/pack. Created with a blend of high-quality hybrid cannabis and other ingredients that have made Korova a powerhouse in the edible world, you can’t go wrong with new Oatmeal Mini Cookies! WSL.

Lowell Herb Company’s Loose Flower: We continue with another new product from a longtime provider, as Lowell Herb Co. rolls out their new flower eighths on the Elemental menu! Lowell has been among the most popular preroll providers at EWC for the past year, and seamlessly transition to the loose flower menu with popular offerings such as Orange Creamsicle (21% THC) and Super Glue (23% THC). At just $30/eighth, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better combo of value and quality. WSL.

Old Pal’s ‘Pre-Ground’ Flower Half Ounces: Speaking of value, members that are ‘balling on a budget’ would be advised to check out our new pre-ground flower from the folks at Old Pal. At just $60/half ounce, current varieties Rattle Snake Sour Diesel (19.5% THC) and Cheese Train (17.19% THC) are ideal for rolling, but works well out of a bowl as well. Packed in a resealable pouch to make sure your shareable flower remains fresh no matter how long you hang onto it.

Humboldt Apothecary’s Wintergreen CBD Stick: Topical fans will be stoked to try this premium new product from our friends at Humboldt Apothecary. Sourced from whole-flower cannabis extract with a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio (75mg THC, 75mg CBD), the Wintergreen CBD Stick offers a cooling combination of menthol and other essential oils. Designed for easy application with no mess, the Stick also contains no artificial colors, no preservatives, no GMO! $24/each, WSL.

KIVA’s Raspberry Cream White Chocolate Bar and Mini Blueberries: A constant contributor to our new product round-up, KIVA delivers again with their new Raspberry Cream White Chocolate and Mini Blueberries. Raspberry Cream ($20/each) comes in the traditional KIVA chocolate bar offering, containing 100mg THC total, with 5mg THC per serving. The Mini Blueberries are simply a smaller-quantity option of the wildly popular Terra Bites -- each pack contains two 5mg bites at just $2/each. Perfect for those looking for a quick pick-me-up, or those who want to sample before committing to an entire tin. WSL.

These new products are sure to be among the hottest items on the menu to round out the summer -- hurry in before they’re gone! Hope to see you soon.