As we approach the twilight of summer, it’s make-or-break time for your Summer 2019 memories. If you haven’t taken that epic trip, finished that special project, or treated yourself with some high-quality cannabis now is the time! Elemental has the goods that can help you accomplish all three of these if you so choose -- let’s take a look at five products to help cement this summer as one for the books.

Fig Farms’ Dark Karma: If you’re looking to treat yourself before the summer ends, look no further than award-winning Fig Farms and their beautiful Dark Karma. Weighing in at a staggering 26.97% THC and offering a refined pine-like flavor, reminiscent of parent strain Dutch Treat, this sativa-dominant hybrid delivers in both the potency and flavor departments. An ideal selection for connoisseurs seeking a daytime strain that still provides a palpable cerebral punch. $50/8th, WSL.

El Blunto’s Jack’s Lime Preroll: Prerolls can sometimes get a bad rap, and we get it -- there’s lots of low-quality rolls that have flooded the market. El Blunto is not that preroll. Composed of a thick 1.8 grams of full flower (no shake or trim), wrapped in a non-tobacco hemp paper, and topped off with a classy glass tip, there are no sacrifices made in any regard when it comes to El Blunto. Jack’s Lime offers a piney, citrusy pallette coupled with uber uplifting effects makes a great option for any festivals left on the schedule this summer. $35/each, WSL.

Beezle’s Thin Mint Cookies Live Diamonds: For extract aficionados, it doesn’t get any better than Live Diamonds at the moment. Live Diamonds  have been among the most sought-out subsectors in the high-end extract world since their inception, and Beezle’s Live Diamond products are among the best in the industry. Offering powerhouse this Cookies strain (60.72% THC) with the classic earthy/sweet nose, the terpenes on this variety are out of this world. Great for a before-bedtime treat to make your sleep that much more peaceful. $40/gram, WSL.

Eden Extract’s Sunset Sherbet Diamond Cartridge: The creme de la creme of the cartridge menu, this premium offering from Eden hits the mark on both potency and longevity. Offering 81.10% THC within this take on Sunset Sherbet, Eden’s modern cartridge and heating elements are also optimized to help your oil last as long as possible. Combines Eden’s ultra-pure distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes with their revolutionary cartridge design to create a truly unique product. $40/each, WSL.

Plus Products’ Rainbow Sorbet Gummies: With Silicon Valley Pride going down this weekend, the time has never been better to give Plus’ limited-edition Rainbow Gummies a go! Packing 100mg per tin, separated throughout a manageable 20 gummies, these delectable treats are easy to snack on to keep your buzz going steady all day. The perfect addition to your Pride weekend festivities. $15/tin, WSL.

Hurry in -- don’t let the summer pass you by. Be sure to ask your consultant about other products that’ll make a great addition to your remaining summer days and nights!