It’s been a good-kind-of busy for this digital media manager over the last month at Elemental: the new products just keep flooding in, so I just keep writing new blogs to update y’all on everything! Wouldn’t have it any other way. This weeks new additions include edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more! Let’s dive in:


KIVA’s Chocolate Bars and Petra Mints: No surprise here: KIVA coming through big time with a wealth of new quality products spanning from their popular chocolates to easily-doseable mints. For lovers of KIVA’s line of chocolate bars, we’re hyped to introduce three new varieties: Dark Chocolate 5:1 CBD Bars, Churro Milk Chocolate Bars, and Mint Chocolate Chip Bars. Dark Chocolate CBD offers 100mg CBD, 20mg THC, and is available for $27/each, WSL. Churro and Mint available in standard 100mg THC offerings, $20/each, WSL.


Chocolate not your thing? No worries — we recommend checking out KIVA’s new flavorful Pineapple Petra Mints. Offering great taste, great effects, and easy-to-manage doses (each mint is just 2.5mg), Petra Mints make a great entry-level edible to test the waters with. 100mg per tin, $16/each, WSL.


Wonder Oil: From the healing hands of the folks at Wonder Oil, we’re proud to introduce two new therapeutic options: 1:1 MCT Oil and 1:1 Full Extract Oil. MCT Oil offers a synergistic combination of 300mg CBD and 300mg THC, and is now available at $60 for a 30mL bottle. The new 1:1 Full Extract offers a whopping 950mg THC and 790mg CBD offering maximum potency and value at just $80/3 grams. Wonder is always a great option for those using cannabis medicinally! WSL.


Apothecanna’s Sexy Time Oil: we’re stoked to include a new topical selection on this week’s new product round up: Apothecanna’s Sexy Time Oil returns to help make your special time that much more special! Offering 50mg THC, 50mg CBD, plus all types of other goodies such as Jasmin, coconut, and argan to create an “arousing floral aroma” that “entices an uplifting, happy mood.” $60/each, WSL.


Be sure to ask your consultant about other new products on your next visit. See you again next week!