This month’s haul of new products at Elemental was so massive that we couldn’t even fit it into one blog! Edibles, capsules, flower, cartridges, and more to help with all your canna-needs — enjoy part 2 of Elemental’s new July arrivals! All information is accurate as of 7/27/2019, subject to change.

Satori’s CBD-Rich Wild Strawberries w/ Milk Chocolate: Where are all our CBD people at? Whether it’s CBD Sunday or any other day of the week, we always love seeing you fine folks down at the Center, and hope to see even more of you now with the new addition of Satori’s delectable CBD Wild Strawberries! Offering 140mg CBD and 14mh THC, Satori offers a therapeutic 10:1 CBD ratio, that will help activate its cannabinoids’ synergistic effects, but won’t provide users with any palpable psychoactivity — all the relief, none of the high! $24/pack, WSL.

Good Stuff’s Yerba Mate: Adding to our line of wildly popular Good Stuff beverage options, we pleased to introduce the refreshing and revitalizing Yerba Mate variety! Offering 100mg THC and 127.5mg of caffeine, Good Stuff’s newest variety provides an ideal choice to start your day, or maintain your energy throughout it. Yerba Mate has quickly become one of the West Coast’s favorite drinks, and we feel Good Stuff’s canna-take on it creates a truly unique product that both tastes and feels great. $18/bottle, WSL.

Absolute Extract’s Gel Capsules: Longtime members are certainly already familiar with esteemed Absolute Extracts and their easy-to-use gel capsules — we’re excited to add another option to the mix with the introduction of their new 100mg caps! Made with the veteran user in mind, these capsules provide a punch even for users carrying the highest of tolerances. Grab a pack for just $80 (10-pack, just $8 per 100mg), making it among the best value options for edibles on the EWC menu! Remember, don’t let the size fool you, as this coin-sized product holds as much THC as an entire pack of Korova mini cookies — consume responsibly!

The Original Jack Herer: We’re hyped to introduce an entirely new line of products from brand new provider, The Original Jack Herer. Created in the spirit of the great cannabis activist himself, TOJH pride themselves on dedication to high quality products across the board whether it’s their premium flower ($40/8th), connoisseur prerolls ($35/3-pack), or top-shelf cartridges ($50/gram). Their Jack Herer cartridge is so highly though of in fact, that it was awarded 1st Place at the notoriously competitive Emerald Cup in 2018 — try one before the rush begins!

Be sure to ask your consultant about these and other new products on your next visit — were constantly adding new selections! Hope to see you in soon!