It’s almost here. Most of us enjoy it. Dogs don’t. Children are split. 

Yes, millions of Americans will be celebrating Independence Day this July 4th, many of whom prefer to recognize the holiday by loudly and visibly displaying fireworks for others to see. Though hopefully San Joseans will simply enjoy the massive city-sanctioned show, as possession or use of any personal fireworks within city limits is illegal. Whether you’ll be getting as close as possible to the action, or waiting it out at home with your fur baby, Elemental has what you need to make your 4th of July one for the books.

Flow Kana’s Golden Lemon: Just in case the fireworks lighting up your night sky aren’t enough, Flow Kana’s Golden Lemon (22% THC) has enough shine to light your nights for long to come.  This sweet and citrusy, sativa-dominant hybrid is great for subtle mood enhancement and a palpable cerebral buzz. Just $12/gram, WSL.

Sublime’s Super Silver Haze Fuzzies: You may know Sublime from their top-notch cartridges, but their unique ‘fuzzy’ prerolls are a sight to behold as well, and currently stand as the newest addition to our preroll menu. Offering several varieties composed of “A+ bud, kief, distillate, C02 Oil, and terps” there are no sacrifices to be made with these premium cones. Offered in three (3) packs at just $30/each, we recommend the Super Silver Haze (28% THC), a sativa hybrid guaranteed to provide a super night amidst the haze of fireworks.

Old Pal’s Cosmic Sativa Cartridge: Instead of just looking at the cosmos throughout the night, instead become one with the cosmos by puffing on Old Pal’s Cosmic Sativa cartridge (77.66% THC). Add approximately 10% terpenes into the mix and you’ve got a top-notch cartridges, at the unbeatable value of just $20/half gram! Compatible w/ nearly all 510-thread batteries and utilizing CCELL cartridge technology for easy drawing, OP’s Cosmic carts are super easy to use!

Raw Garden’s Kosher Chem Live Sauce: It doesn’t get much more extreme than explosions and the good ol’ US of A coming together, so for our extract aficionados out there we recommend the Kosher Chem (81.86% THC) from our friends at Raw Garden. An indica-dominant hybrid crossing Chem x Kosher, Chem is known for its heavy body effects that have been known to be a bit on the couch-locky side. A great option for those hanging out with their pets and watching the celebration on the news. $35/gram.

KIVA’s Camino Sparkling Pear CBD Gummies: Yeah sure, even sparklers may not be allowed in San Jose, but that doesn’t mean your celebration can’t still be sparkling. KIVA’s Camino Sparkling Pear CBD Gummies (120mg CBD, 40mg THC) will provide the spark you’re seeking, while calming your nerves with a heavy dose of therapeutic CBD and synergistically-beneficial THC. Great flavor, fantastic effects, and a satisfying consistency that will please both your mouth and your mind. $18/pack, WSL.

Whatever your cup of tea, EWC has the recipe to make your mid-summer holiday even better -- ask your consultant to check out additional 4th-of-July-tailored products on your next visit! And please, as always, be safe and responsible while celebrating -- while always fun, 4th of July is known to be among the most dangerous American holidays.

Have fun, and we hope to see you in soon!