As the weather warms, we’re pleased to present an unusually (and pleasantly) heavy load of new products this month, perfect for the barbeque, beach, or wherever you may find yourself this summer. With new offerings spanning the entire spectrum, including affordable flower, top-shelf prerolls, full-gram cartridges, potent extracts, Pride-tastic seasonal products, and more, we’re confident one of our new selections will strike your fancy. Let’s see what’s new:

Little Planets’ ‘Minis’ Flower: Enjoy quality flower at great value? Little Planets may be for you. With 5 GRAMS of ‘minis’ from a variety of strains for just $35/each, the only sacrifice to be made is the size of the nugs, which may or may not matter to you. Same great flavor, similar potency (Platinum Cherry Minis recently tested @ 28.3% THC). Check out our current LP selection here.

Fig Farms Prerolls: You know Fig Farms from their award-winning loose cannabis, but have you tried their premium prerolls yet? Offering a full gram of “100% indoor - full bud” flower, members don’t have to worry about any shake or trim making their way into these cones. At just $12/each, Fig rolls present a cost-effective way to get your hands on some award-winning genetics. Three varieties currently available, scope ‘em out here.

Sublime Canna cartridges: Word ‘round town is Sublime cartridges are back at Elemental, but this time in full-gram offerings. Well, we can confirm that word is true, as new full-gram Sublime cartridges are now available at just $45 a pop! Providing the same great varieties you’ve become accustomed to, spanning across the entire range of effects, you’ll find the folks at Sublime haven’t missed a step in transitioning to large carts. All four varieties currently available, plus new 'Fuzzy' prerolls, enhanced w/ kief, CO2 oil, full flower, and more! Be sure to check 'em out on your next visit!

Headstash oil concentrates: Boasting a variety of effects and consistencies, the most impressive aspect of Headstash’s new oils may be their price: just $25/gram! With varieties falling between 61%-76% THC content and boasting a favorable terpene profile, any concentrate connoisseur would be wise to look toward Headstash for quality, high-value oil.

Heavenly Sweets edibles: Known for creating “award-winning edibles since 2008,” we’re stoked to add Heavenly Sweets’ vast selection of savory treats to the menu. Offering 100mg packs of Sriracha Crackers, Ranch Crackers, Chili Lime Crackers, and Caramel Corn, our new Heavenly products provide a nice alternative to the pumped-up sweets/candy sector. Even better, the crackers break down to approximately 1mg THC per cracker, providing an easy-to-use option for those sensitive to THC. $17/pack.

Seasonal Pride selections: June is here, folks, which means Pride season is upon us! Though San Jose’s Pride event isn’t ‘til August, the ball gets rolling in June for most cities, and we’re up for as much Pride as possible! That’s why we’re happy to (re-)introduce several speciality Pride products for this special time of year including KIVA’s Camino Tropical Punch Gummies, Plus’ Rainbow Sorbet Gummies, and Lowell’s Sativa ‘Pride’ Preroll Pack. Products available at various price points, WSL.

Be sure to ask your consultant about these products, and other new arrivals on your next visit. All information referenced accurate as of 6/22/19, subject to change, while supplies last. Hope to see you soon!