Happy Summer, Elemental Family!

Though it’s felt like we’ve transitioned to summer for the past month or so, the official beginning of Summer 2019 is actually today, Friday, June 21st! With the Bay Area’s infamous ‘Indian Summer’ in play, the most summer-like weather is likely still to come -- tons of time to set all your big summer plans into action. Elemental has all your summer cannabis needs whether it’s supreme sativas to keep your energy ‘high,’ vaporizer carts to remain discreet, or simply a tasty edible that won’t melt under the California sun. Let’s check out some of our favorite products currently in stock for Summer ‘19:

Floracal’s Rollins flower: We’re not sure about the origins of Rollins, but we like to think it was named after former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins. After all, the two share many similarities: both are known to provide a palpable jolt of energy, both can accurately be described as ‘loud,’ and both employ a markedly all-business, no-bullshit presentation. Floracal’s Rollins (26.37% THC) is a sativa-leaning hybrid, offering sweet flavor, uplifting effects, and trichome-laden, uniformly-triangle nuggets. Serving as an ideal option for Jack lovers on a sunny day, Rollins is currently available on the artisan top-shelf @ $50/eighth. WSL.

Lowell’s Sativa Pride Prerolls: Boasting the title of ‘California’s Best-Selling Preroll,’ we had high expectations for Lowell prerolls out of the gate, and we’re stoked to say they’ve exceeded damn near every one of ‘em! Palpably potent with an even burn from the twist to the roach, whether you’re into their Quicks (personal-sized .35-gram joints), 7-packs (.5-gram joints), or singles (1-gram joint), chances are pre-roll preferers have tried out Lowell at this point. This month, we’re proud to introduce Lowell’s new ‘Pride Blend’ 7-pack, a sativa-dominant offering of 50/50 mix of Cherry Gas and Headband. $40/pack, WSL.

Plus’ Rainbow Sorbet Gummies: This ever-popular seasonal offering from the folks at Plus Products is back just in time for summer and Pride this year! Offering 100mg THC per tin, and 5mg per bite, this tasty treat offers both great value and perfectly-distributed doses for edible novices. Sourced from uplifting, sativa-dominant cannabis, these gummies serve as a wonderful option for daytime edibles. Also, $1 from each purchase goes to the San Francisco LGBT Center -- $15/each, WSL.

Old Pal’s Clementine Cartridge: Among our newest cartridge providers, Old Pal’s strain-specific offerings have quickly become a member-favorite providing users with both tremendous quality and top value. Having an old pal in your stash heading into summer is always advisable, and we recommend looking no further than Clementine (81.97% THC), a citrusy, sativa-dominant hybrid regarded for its unique aroma and invigorating effects. Offering CCELL technology, Old Pal’s carts are known to provide hard-hitting effects, great for a sunny day in the park. $25/each, WSL.

Headstash’s Sour Kosher Live Budder: Just joining the menu earlier this week, our partners at Headstash have already made a stupendous splash on the menu with their gang of quality extracts offered at just $25/gram! Sour Kosher Live Budder (69.92% THC) is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a workable consistency, falling somewhere between crumble and sauce, that we’ve singled out as our preferred summer pick. Sour Kosher’s sweet-and-gassy aroma, malleable form, and supremely stimulating effects is what pushed it to the top of the pack for us. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself -- amazing value at just $25/gram, WSL.

No matter what cannabis category you’re inclined to look toward, EWC has some summer standouts suited to strengthen the season! Check these products out today, and don’t forget to ask your consultant for additional summer-optimal recommendations. Hope to see you back in soon!