Hey there, Elemental Family, hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far! We’re almost to the year’s halfway point, which means Father’s Day is on the horizon and you’re likely brainstorming last-minute gift ideas to make sure you’re able to deliver for dad! Here at EWC, we have everything you need to keep pot-lovin’ pops everywhere satisfied whether they enjoy a tasty edible, flavorful flower, or potent concentrate. Let’s take a glance at five (5) products across the board that dad is sure to love this Father’s Day:

Heavenly Sweets’ Caramel Corn: It’s a well-known fact: dads and finger foods go together like bacon and eggs. Actually, according to our research, never in documented history has a dad outright turned down a bag or bowl of sweet and/or salty finger-food goodness. This leads us to believe dads everywhere will go wild for Heavenly Sweets’ cannabis-infused take on Caramel Corn. Offering 100mg THC total ($17/each, WSL), this tasty treat will have dad relaxing and feeling as wonderful as he should on his special day.

Sublime’s Cookies ‘Malibu’ Cartridge: What’s in a name? The folks at Sublime pride themselves on practicing what they preach, offering top-notch cartridges that’re sure to have dad feeling quite sublime this holiday. For ultimate relaxation we recommend the Cookies ‘Malibu’ variety (78% THC, $45/gram, WSL), offering a sweet/earthy flavor and sedating effects, guaranteed to have dad thinking his toes are in the sand of a Southern California beach. Also an ideal options for fathers seeking to minimize any aroma of cannabis; very discreet.

El Blunto’s Sunset Sherbet Preroll: If there’s any day that dad deserves to truly treat himself, it’s certainly Father’s Day. For those with fathers or father figures that are cannabis veterans boasting a high tolerance, we recommend the classy, colossal Sunset Sherbet preroll (24.06% THC) from the folks at El Blunto. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a traditional ‘blunt’; i.e. contains tobacco. But, no -- there’s no tobacco to be found in El Blunto, as it’s instead wrapped in hemp, and topped off with an impressive, functional glass tip. Providing a half-eighth of premium cannabis wrapped in between, this treat is meant to be shared with friends, but as always, how dad ultimately uses it is up to him! $35/each, WSL.

KIVA’s Camino Watermelon Lemonade Gummies: Among our newest additions to the edible menu, KIVA takes a delicious dive into summer with their Watermelon Lemonade Gummies. Providing the perfect consistency, plus a delectable taste and potent effects (100mg THC spread over 20 gummies), Camino offers dads everywhere a chance to escape the grind and melt into sweet, tropical, gummy goodness with these unforgettable treats. Hurry in, these seasonal specialty may not be around for long -- $18/pack, WSL.

Madrone’s Red Dragon: Unleash your inner dragon with Madrone, as their super-sativa-dominant Red Dragon (25.44% THC) has recently snuck back onto the artisan top-shelf at $50/8th. Offering long chunky nugs, fiery red hairs, and a sweet, haze-like aroma this strain is sure to appease even the most finicky of fatherly aficionados. The lone energy-enhancing strain included on the list, Dragon is ideal for dads looking to toke it up in between a busy father’s day schedule. Known for mood-enhancement and invigoration, this strain is sure to keep dad smiling no matter what comes his way.

OK, so now that we’ve done the grunt work for you, what are you waiting for!? No matter what you’re looking for, you can count on Elemental to come through in the clutch for all your last-minute Father’s Day gifts. Be sure to ask your consultant about other products ideal for Father’s Day on your next visit -- hope to see you back in soon!