Hope you’re enjoying your summer, Elemental family, ‘cuz it certainly is flying by! We’re rapidly approaching June, with the summer solstice falling on June 21st this year. With such a crucial month of summer on the horizon, it’s make-or-break time for your Summer ‘19 memories and having the right products in your stash can set the tone for the summer’s best 30 days yet. Follow us as we take an in-depth look at a variety of flower, extract, edibles, and more that are best suited for your June stash:

KIVA Petra Citrus CBD Mints: Weighing in at approx. 100mg CBD, and <2mg THC, the Petra Citrus CBD Mints from KIVA offer a light edible option with a tropical flare, perfect for a day at the beach or lake. Offering just 2.5mg per bite, this is a supremely manageable option for those who do not enjoy THC and simply want the therapeutic effects of CBD. Also, won’t melt in intense heat if you happen to be out and about on a warmer day. Now available for $16/each, while supplies last.

Eden Extracts’ Diamond Zkittlez Cartridge: A premium strain provided by a premium extractor, the Eden Extracts’ Zkittlez cart (78.96% THC) offers a potent, tasty vaporizer option perfect for a relaxing day on the coast. With Eden’s improved airflow via their castle-like battery design and heavy-duty cartridge formulation, Zkittlez provides both the punch needed to feel some intense effects and a refined flavor from Eden’s dedication to “ultra-pure distillate, cannabis-derived terpenes.” $50/each, while supplies last.

Good Stuff Tonics’ Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade: Our newest beverage provider, Good Stuff Tonics, has blessed the menu with two lemonade varieties just in time for the summer heat. We recommend our Strawberry Hibiscus variety (100mg THC, $18/each while supplies last), for a cool, refreshing, and potent option to cool yourself during summer’s peak. Made with real strawberries and quality cannabis, this option is recommended for those seeking fast-acting effects and a refreshing flavor.

King’s Garden Banana Split Live Shatter: For our members possessing higher tolerances, we recommend Kings’ Garden Banana Split Live Shatter (71.35% THC, $40/gram while supplies last), a fruity and relaxing extract that’s ideal for a lazy day on the porch. Offering a manageable pull-and-snap consistency, this unique strain is sure to appease the appetites of our dabbers looking for a calming, sometimes-sedating indica extract with an intensely tropical flavor. Translucent with a pleasant gold hue throughout, this one smokes as good as it looks.

King’s Garden Blue Dream flower: We stick with our friends at King’s Garden for our June flower selection, classic Blue Dream, grown to the best of the strain’s ability, boasting top-shelf aesthetics and effects, while weighing in at 21.38% THC. This legendary 50/50 hybrid strain offers a sweet, earthy, flavor and balanced effects, making it an ideal strain for any situation or time of day -- we find it makes a night at the drive-in theatre much more enjoyable. Currently available @ $50/8th, while supplies last.

And that’s just the beginning! Elemental offers the South Bay’s best and most expansive selection across the boards -- be sure to ask your consultant for their recommendations on other summer-optimal varieties. Hope to see you in soon -- either at our place or at yours: you can check out our Elemental delivery service information here.