We’re constantly keeping the new products rolling in here at Elemental, which means it’s probably time for an update on products that have arrived over the past couple of weeks. So far this May, we’re proud to have added a new, premium vaporizer cartridge provider that has never been offered at Elemental before, in addition to new/refreshed offerings from two of our most well-known edible providers. So, whether you’re seeking something sweet to eat or something sweet to vape, buckle up for our rundown of new arrivals at Elemental Wellness so far in May 2019.

Eden Extracts’ Diamond and Gem Vaporizer Cartridges: We’re stoked to now offer two different lines of vape cartridges from emerging Eden Extracts: Diamond carts and Gem carts now are available at Elemental! We currently have four distinct ‘Diamond’ varieties available, scattered evenly across the indica-sativa effects spectrum. These carts “combine Eden’s ultra-pure distillate, cannabis-derived terpenes, and a custom-designed cartridge, engineered to deliver enhanced airflow, stronger hits, and smoother experience.” $50/half gram, while supplies last. For the Gem line, we’re offering seven premium selections at the moment, though this amount is subject to change. The Gems offer a little better value for our budget-conscious members, stepping on the menu at just $30/half gram for these carts that “deliver a reliably clean, flavorful, and noteworthy high.” Eden’s enhanced air-flow technology is available on both lines, providing smooth, one-of-a-kind rips that provide palpably potent effects after consumption. Available while supplies last.

Clarified Confections’ Cookies: We’re super psyched to welcome back one of our longest-tenured providers, Clarified Confections, and their delicious 100mg cookies! Available in four unique varieties (Cinnamon Sugar, Molasses Ginger, Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip), we’ve had boatloads of requests to get these items back on the menu -- so here it is! At just $15/each and offering 100mg THC, Clarified offers some of the best value that you’ll find on the edible menu -- and their super tasty to boot! Check our Clarified on the menu, and ask your consultant to check ‘em out on your next visit! While supplies last.

KIVA Cherry Tart and Citrus CBD Petra Mints: For those who regularly check up on our edible menu, you’ll likely recognize KIVA’s Petra Mints, as we’ve offered their Eucalyptus and Moroccan Mint flavors for several years already. Now, we’re happy to add two new varieties to the Petra Mints selection for our members: Tart Cherry and Citrus CBD. Tart Cherry, containing a super manageable 2.5mg THC per mint, offers a “robust, delectable flavor that’s like picking a ripe, tart cherry straight off the vine.” This variety is perhaps a little more on the sweet side, and doesn’t offer quite the “zing” that some of its Petra counterparts do -- this can either be a pro or a con depending on what you’re seeking in your edible! Citrus CBD is “tart and subtly sweet, as its fresh flavor combines notes of lemon and lime for a zest, sharp, and fruity flavor.” Containing 100mg CBD per tin (2.5mg CBD per mint) and just miniscule amounts of THC, this is ideal edible lovers trying to avoid THC consumption. Both varieties available @ $16/each, while supplies last.

Be sure to ask your consultant to check out these new products and many others next time you stop in -- until next month, folks!