The folks at Old Pal have enjoyed a steady rise to relevance in the cannabis industry over the past couple of years thanks to a worthy product, aggressive marketing campaign, and unbeatable prices. Beginning with their “shareable” flower, and recently evolving into the vaporizer cartridge game, Elemental is happy to count Old Pal among our newest providers, now offering both their ‘Cosmic’ cartridge varieties at just $20/half gram and other strain-specific carts at $25/half gram. Let’s dive a little deeper into what Old Pal’s about and how they’ve become one of the industry’s buzziest names over the past year.

Old Pal began popping up on our radar sometime last year, thanks in part to strong word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and an unavoidable marketing campaign that includes guerilla marketing and eye-catching billboards in The City. Old Pal aims for an untapped niche in the cannabis industry, avoiding big-name strains and award-winning genetics, instead opting to provide the good-ol’-fashioned stuff at an extremely comfortable price point. Working with reputable, licensed farms centered in Humboldt County, Old Pal’s product is all-natural and sun-grown, resulting in a quality product that comes to consumers at a reasonable price -- their flower is known to retail for as low as $15/eighth and $50/half ounce. That value certainly transitions over to their new line of cartridges as well, as the Old Pal team has partnered with master extractors across California to launch their new, wildly-popular ‘Digital Doobies.’

These new half-gram cartridges come in two distinct varieties: strain-specific and Cosmic blend. Cosmic blends offer sativa, hybrid, and indica varieties all sourced from mixes of various categorical flower -- levels will vary slightly batch from batch, but the majority of Cosmic selections we’ve carried so far have hovered around the 80% THC and 10% terpenes mark, creating an ideal combination of psychoactivity and flavor. These cartridges are compatible with all 510-thread batteries, though we recommend checking with your consultant just to make sure if you have a specific brand of battery in mind. At just $20/half gram (while supplies last), you won’t find better value on the cartridge menu.

For those preferring the certainty of strain-specific offerings, we have several options that will fit your needs no matter what set of effects you’re seeking. Currently, for members preferring sativa vaporizers, we’re offering Clementine, which is known for it’s fresh, citrusy flavor and invigorating effects. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Purple Punch, an indica-dominant hybrid offering a sweet, grape-like taste and seriously relaxing effects. For those who fall somewhere in the middle, our hybrid variety is currently Strawberry Banana, which provides patients with a bold, fruity flavor and mildly relaxing effects. Weighing in around the 82% THC, 12% terpenes mark, these quality options are offered at just $25/half gram, while supplies last.

Keep your eyes peeled for even more Old Pal products that should be arriving on the menu in the near future! We’re happy to be working with such a compassionate provider working to offer product at a price point that so many of our members have been asking for. You can browse our entire current Old Pal selection here, and don’t forget to ask your consultant to check ‘em out on your next visit!