PSA from Elemental Wellness: Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12th! If this has managed to slip your mind until this very moment, don’t fret -- Elemental has you covered to ensure all the mothers in your life feel loved and appreciated! Whether it’s edibles, topical, or good ol’-fashioned flower, Elemental is the South Bay’s premier destination for cannabis-centric gifts this Mother’s Day and beyond:

Day Dreamers’ Blueberry Sativa Chocolate: Chocolate is always a staple in any Mother’s Day gift basket, and Day Dreamers’ Blueberry Sativa Chocolate (100mg THC, $20/each while supplies last) is enough to satisfy both the mind and the sweet tooth of the most important woman in your life. Day Dreamers boasts several Cannabis Cup awards and long-standing reputation as one of the industry’s premier edible providers. Blueberry Sativa offers a delicious, but never overbearing, berry flavor, coupled with subtly uplifting effects. The 100mg pack is split into 10 doses, making each section of chocolate 10mg THC -- lighter tolerances are encouraged to split doses in half if needed.

Legion of Bloom’s Nina Limone PAX Pod: A stylish, discreet option for any mom seeking a low-key, but still buzzy vaporizer option, The Nina Limon PAX Pod offers an uplifting, citrus-flavored experience great for women on the go. To boot, the strain’s name is a reference to Nina Simone, a mother herself -- obviously, this makes it the ideal Mother’s Day surprise. Couple this half-gram cartridge ($40/each, while supplies last) with a PAX Era battery for polarizingly potent rips with a manageable aroma attached to it. Great for moms who aren’t sure about “the whole smoking thing,” -- soft on the throat and tasty, great for novices and veterans alike.

Papa and Barkley’s Bath Soak: We all love a nice, warm bath, but the mothers in our life are particularly deserving after giving us the biggest gift of all: life. Show mom you care with Papa and Barkley’s Bath Soak, a 3:1 THC:CBD topical made with Dead Sea salts imported from Israel, allowing patients to relax their entire bodies with an all-encompassing, therapeutic soak. Great for both general relaxation and pain, anxiety relief. $12/each, while supplies last.

Wonder Oil’s 2:1 CBD Oil Tincture: So mom’s not a fan of smoke, and is looking to keep her calorie intake down as well? Wonder Oil’s 2:1 CBD Oil Tincture is a therapeutic mixture of cannabinoids that has great medical applications, but also can provided a palpable psychoactive buzz as well. Offering a whopping 350mg CBD and 175mg THC, this 15mL bottle ($60/each, while supplies last) with fast-acting effects, this bottle can last quite some time when dosed responsibly.

Lithouse Farms’ Lava Cake Flower: All moms enjoying gorging on some scrumptious sweets from time to time, so we have a strong feeling our flower-preferring moms out there would enjoy Lithouse Farm’s Lava Cake (20.95% THC, $50/8th while supplies last). An indica-dominant hybrid boasting a distinct purple hue and a sweet, berry-like aroma, Lava Cake delivers both on aesthetics and effects, leaving users in a relaxed state of bliss following consumption. Ideal as a before-bed treat after what should already be a day full of pampering for mom.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg -- we know mom would love the items mentioned above, but we’re proud to offer the South Bay’s most expansive selection across the board! Be sure to ask your consultant to check out more great gifts for mom on your next visit -- hope to see you in soon!