For regular followers of our blog, you may have noticed we began ‘Gettin’ Figgy Wit’ It’ in late March, in that we’ve added renowned flower provider Fig Farms to the menu! We’ve featured six different Fig Farms varieties since its addition, all premium quality of course, but perhaps none better than the fabled Banana Fig #8, High Times Cannabis Cup’s 2017 winner for ‘Best Indica Flower.’ Offering spikey, chunky nuggets with a pleasantly purple hue and a fresh, fruity aroma that permeates out of the jar, it’s easy to understand how this proprietary strain has drawn the attention of cannabis connoisseurs around the globe. Let’s dive into exactly what makes Banana Fig #8 one of the premier strains on the market today.

Before asking ‘What is Banana Fig #8?' let’s touch on ‘Who is Fig Farms?’ to better understand the background of the strain and the mission of the minds behind the plant. Fig operates from the fertile soil of Sonoma County, sharing an similar commitment to its craft as its wine industry neighbors. Though Fig has been making waves on the scene for many years, it was its 2017 Cannabis Cup win for ‘Best Indica Flower’ that propelled it to household-name status among consumers with an eye for artisan cannabis. The expert horticulturalists at Fig are famously tight-lipped regarding their genetics, as they work tirelessly to generate propreitary, one-of-a-kind varieties that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Other popular Fig Farms strains include Purple Fig, Animal Face, Country Club, and more.

Now, with introductions out of the way, let’s delve into the reason you’re here: the world-renowned Banana Fig #8! In addition to its impressive Cannabis Cup victory, this heavyweight strain has been lauded as both ‘The Best Weed Left in California’ and one of ‘The 5 Strains We’re Most Excited For’ by Cannabis Now. It’s easy to see why, as the Banana stands alone in nearly every measurable category: healthy and chunky nugs, pleasantly purple hue throughout, dense layer of visible trichomes coating the exterior, distinctly fruity aroma, etc., etc. The fragrance is somehow both exactly what we expected and a major surprise at the same time -- yes, it smells exactly like Figs and Bananas, but the interaction of the two makes for a one-of-a-kind scent that can’t quite be compared to any other strain of which we’re aware.

We were privileged to sample Elemental’s current batch of Banana Fig (22.26% THC, $50/8th while supplies last), of which we tracked down a rare one-nug eighth, a testament to the strain’s aforementioned chunkiness. Securing the tip of the stem between our thumb and index fingers to avoid sacrificing any valuable trichomes, we slowly withdrew the monstrous nug from Fig’s functional, no-frills packaging -- just the basics to protect your herb and the environment simultaneously. Pulling this gem out at a table full of fellow partakers immediately commands the room’s attention -- its unique banana-esque aroma instantly becomes the dominant odor in the room, and the myriad trichomes glisten in the sunlight like Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Though the nug’s firmness offers enough balance to break down either by hand or by grinder, we swiftly choose the grinder route in the name of trichome preservation.

Dumping our pleasantly workable product (not too powder-like, not too chunky) into our patiently-awaiting hemp-based wrap, we twist off the tip, flick our BIC, and initiate lift-off. Our initial observation is that the strain’s fig influence presents itself perfectly in smokeable form, overpowering the banana slightly to take over as the dominant identifiable flavor profile. The banana falls to supporting actor once the joint is lit, complimenting the powerful fig for a pleasantly unmistakable taste that’s smooth on the throat and easy on the mind. The predictably pure white ash crumbles off the end of the cone with ease, as the strain’s effects begin to creep in. With so many terpenes packed into Fig, its 22.26% THC content is superbly manageable. Now don’t get us wrong, we were certainly stoned, but it’s a comfortable and pleasant high, not a super-duper, other-worldly, binge-watching-Ancient-Aliens-for-8-hours-straight type of psychoactivity. Call us old-fashioned, but we reckon, at least for us, this is what the cannabis experience should be like. We enjoy the durable, world-class flavor down to the roach, snuff it out, and continue on with the day’s activities -- albeit enjoying everything a hell of a lot more than we would have without Banana Fig #8.

Fig was everything we were hoping for and then some -- jaw-dropping aesthetics, league-of-its-own flavor, and readily relaxing effects made for an unforgettable cannabis experience. Grab Banana Fig while you can -- it’s currently available (accurate 5/4/2019, while supplies last), but won’t be around for long. If you do happen to miss out, we hope to have another batch in soon, or you can check out our other Fig Farms varieties here.
Hope to see you in soon!