Chronic pain and insomnia are two ailments that plague a plethora of cannabis patients, and unfortunately, often come hand-in-hand. Luckily, Elemental offers an array of quality products aimed at helping to manage both conditions, and assist patients in regaining their quality of life. Whether you prefer flower, concentrates, edibles, or tinctures, Elemental offers something that can help on your journey to wellness. Here’s a look at a few of our most popular meds across the spectrum designed to aid with pain relief and sleep:

Bubba Kush: Bubba is a legendary indica hybrid providing patients with powerful, body-heavy effects and a refined earthy/sweet aroma. To this day, the origins of BK remain a bit hazy, though many claim it’s a direct descendant of Hindu Kush landrace strains, which would explain its prominent anti-insomniac characteristics. According to available terpene reports, linalool is the most commonly found terpene in Bubba, likely contributing to the strain’s anti-anxiety and sedating effects. Bubba Kush is currently available at Elemental for just $40/eighth.

Clutch Carts' Blue Cheese: Blue Cheese is a Blueberry x UK Cheese cross that the folks at Clutch Carts have superbly translated into one of their discreet vape cartridge varieties! Though most renowned for its pain-relieving, couch-locky effects, Blue Cheese also offers a palpable sense of mood-enhancement that’ll have patients dozing off with smiles on their faces. These full-gram carts are totally organic and utilize a wickless ceramic core that provides a smooth, even hit every time. Blue Cheese tests at 81.66% THC and is currently available for $65/each.

Kaneh Co.'s Peanut Fudge Brownie: The Peanut Fudge Brownie is a potent treat composed of a hybrid mix of flower, though the general consensus from patients is that it leans heavily indica. Packed with an astounding 1000mg of THC in its compact 3.9-oz frame, this potent edible has been known to incapacitate patients with even the highest tolerances. Like all edibles that we offer, we recommend starting out small (10mg THC) before working your way up to avoid overconsumption. You can now find the Peanut Fudge Brownie at Elemental for just $45/each!

Forest Nymph's Sweet Dreams Tincture: The aptly named Sweet Dreams tincture is a fabulous option for patients seeking an effective, sublingual medicine. Via Forest Nymph’s website: “Using a mild brandy extraction method, this formula uses valerian root, which has virtually become synonymous with 'sleep aid.' Adding our organic outdoor grown cannabis indica, which has a high level of CBD, with the right balance of the macro-minerals calcium and magnesium, makes for an amazing, sleep-inducing formula.” The Sweet Dreams tincture (90mg CBD, 4mg THC) is currently available for $40/each!

These are just a few of our myriad of sleep-aiding products.; you can browse the entirety of our active menu here. All featured products available while supplies last--be sure to ask your consultant about them on your next visit!

Be well.