You may have heard the phrase “Life’s a marathon, not a sprint” before -- here at Elemental, we tend to apply the same philosophy on a smaller scale to 420 celebrations. The urge to imbibe in all the best cannabis products on the market on our special day can be overwhelming, and it’s certainly achievable considering Elemental’s expansive selection. But don’t dive into 420 without a gameplan -- know your body, your comfort zone, and of course, which strains are appropriate for what moments. We do our part in helping you zero in on some supremely stimulating sativas to help give you a kick in the brain when your energy is running low on the big day:

King’s Garden Jack Herer: A tried-and-true favorite among sativa lovers with a sweet tooth, Jack Herer’s (22.57% THC) reputation as a classic sativa-dominant strain precedes it, and King’s Garden top-notch batch we have on deck certainly does justice to the legend of Jack. Picking up its first Cannabis Cup win back in 1994, and a High Life Cup win as recently as 2016, few strains have enjoyed the longevity and success that Jack has experienced over the past 20 years. Offering a distinct piney/sweet flavor and notably uplifting effects, this strain seems never to get old, as patients return again and again for its revered flavor and effects. Great for providing a much-needed energy boost after you slightly overdo it on the edibles -- available on the top shelf @ $50/8th, while supplies last.

Fig Farms’ Tie Dye: A slight change-up from Fig Farms’ indica-dominant, 'Fig' line of genetics, our current batch of Tie Dye (pictured, 27.68% THC) is a sativa-dominant powerhouse, offering large chunky nuggets and an earthy/funky aroma. It gives off a bit of a Chem-esque vibe, as we found the aroma to be somewhat comparable, the nug structure to be similar, and when smoked, the effects to be nearly identical. This rare strain is a great choice to help kick off the day on the right foot, without sacrificing too much stamina. Scheduled to be released 4/20 morning -- $50/8th, while supplies last.

Northern Emerald’s Panama Gold: As close as it gets to a pure sativa these days, the racy Panama Gold (26.15% THC) is a fantastic selection for those who enjoy the uber-uplifting effects from other sativa-heavy strains such as Red Congolese, Lamb’s Bread, Durban Poison, etc. Our old-school smokers will enjoy the look and feel of this one -- chunky, finger-sized buds offering fire-red hairs throughout, with an immediately-recognizable landrace-like aroma. This Colombian x Pablo’s Gold x Panama Red cross will have you feeling like you traveled the world to find this gem, even if you’re just staying in the Bay Area! Look for Gold to drop the morning of 4/20 -- $50/8th, while supplies last.

Dime Bag Co.’s GG#4 Live Sugar: Featured in Elemental’s ‘New Providers’ blog back in March, Dime Bag Co. has created quite a wave since their recent arrival on the extract menu, providing ‘live’ extracts at an unbeatable value. Patients owning a high tolerance and seeking a mid-day pick-me-up would be wise to look toward Dime Bag’s trusty GG#4 Live Sugar (63% THC), which offers users a sugary-but-wet consistency that’s ideal for dabbing, but can also be mixed with flower in either a wrap or bowl. At just $30/gram, Dime Bag is a great option for those seeking a reliable sativa-dominant extract, but wanting to save some cash for some other 420 goodies as well. While supplies last.

Old Pal’s Cosmic Sativa Oil Cartridge: Currently (and very temporarily) holding the title of “Newest Product on the Menu,” our new 'Cosmic' cartridges from Old Pal will please members seeking a potent cartridge with fantastic value. At just $20/each, these half-gram blends of Old Pal’s famous sativa strains offer a discreet option for consuming at an unbelievable price. Crafted with 510 threading to boot, these convenient carts will attach to nearly any battery we offer here at Elemental, though be sure to check with your consultant before purchasing. The Cosmic Sativa is ideal for cannabis novices whose energy meters are running low late in the day. While supplies last.

Keep in the mind that the varieties mentioned above are just a small taste of our extensive sativa selection -- be sure to ask your consultant to check out more fantastic options on your visit on 420 and beyond!

Hope to see you in soon!