Perusing through Elemental’s expansive product selection, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce if you don’t know what you’re looking for. While all of our products offer some type of unique feature, today we take a glance at 5 brands that members should have their eyes on leading up to our big 420 Luau. And if you've already seen our just-released full breakdown of 420 deals, you know we're offering MONSTROUS MARKDOWNS on all of the following high-quality providers. Join us as we break down ‘5 Providers to be Familiar With for EWC’s 420 Luau.’

Lit House: Lit House has quickly gained a dedicated following for their artisan top-shelf flower during their brief time on the menu thus far, winning members over with their consistent output on rare strains such as Lava Cake, 5 Alive, Dark DoSi, Orange Cookies, and others. Based out of the revered Mendocino County, Lit House respects every part of the process, pointing out “the local air quality and temperature along with our curing and packaging process al contribute to bringing out the best in our plants without compromising their natural state.” Look for a blanket discount on all Lit House flower to help you relax on your personal island for 420!

Select Oil: Select is a Portland-based oil extract company offering smooth, hard-hitting cartridges complete with cannabis-derived terpenes and CCELL cartridge technology. Select has become one of the most popular carts on the market thanks to their commitment to quality -- they were awarded the 2017 Dope Industry Award for Best Concentrate Company, and have been called “amazing” by Hail Mary Jane, and more. Here at Elemental, we’re proud to offer a rotating variety of Select Oil Elite Cartridges, regularly priced at $50/gram -- look for deep discounts on Select carts this 420!

Plus Products: Founded in Colorado, and operating in California since 2016, Plus’ supremely doseable and delicious gummies have been a hit since the product hit the market. Green State describes the consistency of Plus as “soft, springy and lightly sugar-coated as any pate de fruit you’d find in a confiserie in France.” Members seem to agree as Plus has counted itself among one of EWC’s most popular edible providers since their addition to the menu back in 2017. With five varieties currently available, including three CBD-rich options, and starting at just $15, you can’t miss by grabbing some Plus. Anticipate PLUS-SIZED SPECIALS on this provider for the Luau!

Kushy Punch: We’re doing our darndest to avoid any possible shortage of gummies here at Elemental -- in addition to Plus Gummies, we’re stocking up on Kushy Punch gummies as well, offering two fantastic selections for members who may enjoy different consistencies. We currently offer four varieties of Kushy Punch gummies, including a CBD-rich Recover Black & Blue Raspberry option, weighing in at 60mg THC and 30mg CBD. High-THC varieties are $16/each, and the Recover at $20/each -- savings across the board for 4/20!

Raw Garden: Whether you know them for their long-beloved sauce and live resin, or you’ve hopped on the bandwagon more recently for their newly-introduced sauce carts, Raw Garden is a staple in the oil extract community, and should be a staple on your 420 to-get list as well! Based out of Santa Barbara County since 2011, Raw Garden “merges expertise in farming and biotechnology to produce superior flowers in one of the world’s premiere agricultural regions.” Their product’s quality and value speak for themselves -- their loose extract is normally just $35/gram and their terptastic sauce cartridges go for $35/half gram. Look for super savings on both for the big event!

We can’t spoil the big reveal, but trust us when we say you’ll think our discounts on these top-notch providers are TOTALLY WAVY! Stay tuned as we reveal our full list of 420 savings as the big day approaches. Be sure to ask your consultant to check out some of our featured 420 providers on your next visit -- hope to see you in soon!