We get it -- you’re trying to hold out for Elemental’s yet-to-be-revealed, but guaranteed-to-be-amazing 420 specials, but need a little hold-me-over for the two weeks leading up to the big day. We assure you that you’re not alone -- that’s why we have a plethora of premium products currently available and several monstrous text-only secret deals lined up for the coming weeks. (Sign up for text specials by texting EWCFLOWER or EWCEXTRACT to (855) 341-4027). Treat yourself right all of April, not just 4/20! Let’s take a look at some EWC products across the board that will help members get by until the big event:

Lit House’s Zelly’s Gift flower: Offering glistening, vibrant green nugs with a piney, Jack-esque aroma, Lit House’s Zelly’s Gift (21.77% THC) stands out from the rest of our LH selection as the lone sativa-dominant option -- its sweet aroma contrasts nicely against LH’s mostly earthy/OG-esque collection. Providing users with notably uplifting effects, this strain is certainly a gift to those seeking a qualified daytime smoke to keep them active right up until 420. Currently available on the artisan top shelf @ $50/8th, while supplies last.

Jetty Extracts’ Zkittlez Dablicator: Showcased as this month’s ‘Strain Spotlight’ our eyes have admittedly been on the tasty Zkittlez strain for a while now. The Zkittlez Dablicator (79.07% THC) is currently the most potent oil extract on the menu, a stark contrast to its usually light THC content in flower form. Contained in Jetty’s easy-to-handle dablicator, applying this aromatic oil to either flower or a specialized dab nail has never been easier. Great as either your main dish or the cherry on top -- it’s versatility will be appreciated as you look to improvise leading up to 420. Just $20/half gram, while supplies last.

Biscotti x IC Collective’s T.I.T.S. Bubble: An acronym for ‘This is the Shit,’ a strain doesn’t simply get a name like this without earning it, and IC Collective’s T.I.T.S. has certainly done just that with several High Times Cannabis Cup awards to its name. Collaborating with the esteemed hashmakers over at Biscotti, the T.I.T.S. Bubble (52.7% THC) is a coldwater experience not to be forgotten, offering a spot-on flavor profile, pleasing users with it’s gassy, sour smoke. Providing 50/50, balanced hybrid effects, you can rip this bubble day or night -- save this one for an sesh with a smoking partner who has the pallette to appreciate what he or she is experiencing. $25/gram, while supplies last.

Care by Design’s 18:1 Capsules: Sure, capsules may not be the sexiest edible selection, but they’re predictable and effective -- and it doesn’t get much better for CBD users than Care By Design’s 18:1 capsules. Ideal for CBD users wanting minimal to no THC, these caps are great for helping to quell anxiety, and will have you cool, calm, and collected when you begin to get too worked up with anticipation over 420. No worries, we’ve all been there! Great for medical patients, and known to help with depression and inflammation as well. $30/10-pack, while supplies last.

Dab Rigs, Bongs, and pipes: Set on your stash, but looking for some fresh new glass to break in with your friends on 420? Look no further than the Elemental ‘Glass & Accessories’ station in-store, and for online shoppers, our glass is now available for pre-order as well! Whether you’re dabbing or smoking, we have a pipe, bong, or rig that will fit your needs -- starting at just $15 for pipes and up to $100 for ‘Jet Ski’ dab rigs, Elemental has all your 420 treats, whether it’s cannabis or accessories. While supplies last.

Be sure to ask your consultant for 420 pre-game recommendations on your next visit, and don’t forget to stay on the lookout for our announcement of all 420 specials -- coming soon!

Hope to see you in!