Here at Elemental we’re known for many things: lab-testing products before it was required by law, pioneering the award-winning The True OG, maintaining one of the Bay’s most expansive, comfortable showrooms, and, more recently, our amazingly extravagant 420 celebrations! If you’ve been a longtime EWC member, you may have already experienced the privilege of attending a past Elemental 420 -- maybe last year’s Spanish Carnaval-themed fiesta, 2017’s Circus-themed party, 2016’s One Love event, 2015’s 5th Element spectacle, or any other of our massive get togethers. This year’s festivities look to be equally as memorable -- so grab your button-down floral shirt, colorful leis, and sunglasses and join us for this year’s 420 event, The Elemental 4/20 Luau! Woo hoo!

We’re getting tropical this 420 with good vibes, good people, and as always, great, once-a-year specials on myriad products across the board. More details regarding specific savings on products will be revealed via our website, social media, and newsletter leading up to the big day. Right now, here’s what we can tell you:

Any customer spending $420 or more on 4/20 will automatically be entered to receive a $1,500 Alaska Airlines travel voucher for you to plan your next vacation to your personal paradise, wherever that may be! With all the tremendously wavy savings for 4/20, hitting $420 may be difficult -- your chances are better than you think. Good luck!

Just looking to take advantage of a few specials? No worries, we’ve got some fantastic giveaways lined up for you as well -- members who make ANY PURCHASE will be eligible to receive a premium glass bong, which we’re giving away EVERY 30 minutes! That’s 24 premium glass bongs from open ‘til close -- WOW! Aloha to that!

As our 420 veterans are surely aware of, the savings simply don’t get bigger than 420 -- look for OVER 50% OFF some of your favorite brands in all product categories. Specific details will be shared closer to the official date, but trust us when we say that we’d recommend putting off any large cannabis-related purchases until 4/20. And better, even if you miss us on 4/20, we also have some serious specials lined up for 4/21, ‘The Day After’ as well! Great for a post-420 CBD pick-up, or for members seeking a face-to-face consultation who’d like to avoid the 420 lines.

For our members who need to make orders on 4/20 but aren’t keen on events or large crowds, we still have several options available to make your visit to Elemental a comfortable one. We strongly advise taking advantage of either our pre-order system, delivery service, or in-store express kiosks to get your products in the most convenient, least time-consuming manner. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions regarding the best way to avoid event traffic if you’re not interested in participating!

Thanks for your continued support, Elemental Family, and we look forward to throwing yet another great 420 event for our wonderful members this year!