As the weather warms and the bay breeze that has Bay Area residents perpetually wearing windbreakers begins to slowly dissipate, local organizations and event organizers are turning their attention to SF’s famously-busy festival season, as many view the beginning of April as the unofficial kick-off of the season. March was the warm up run, giving citizens a tease of what’s to come with the kick-off of Sunday Streets in the Mission District and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and party which shut down Market St. and Civic Center areas just a couple of weeks ago. Much as we did last year, prepping our members for the wind down of festival season at the beginning of August, we’re compiling a list of THE BEST FREE SAN FRANCISCO FESTIVALS scheduled for April and May and providing recommendations on which Elemental prodcuts you should have in your stash for each event. So grab some sunscreen, some water, and most importantly your cannabis, and join us for a tour of San Francisco’s best upcoming free festivals:

5. Tenderloin Sunday Streets (Sunday, April 14th): Sunday Streets is one of our favorite recurring San Francisco events -- each month the organization shines the spotlight on one of SF’s unique neighborhood, shutting down one of the neighborhoods main thoroughfares to drivers, but keeping it open for pedestrians from 11AM-4PM. April’s showcase is the Tenderloin district, located in the heart of downtown San Francisco and featuring a thriving food scene and stunning display of old-school SF architecture. This Sunday Street event will be celebrating the Thai New Year, and thus offering a South East Asian Food Fair -- yum! Larkin Street will be shut down between Eddy and O’Farrell Streets for the event, don’t miss it!

Recommended product: We recommend centering yourself for this event -- finding your inner calm in the center of one of America’s most bustling cities calls for some Harmony Rose, our current high-CBD option (8.09% CBD, 6.96% THC) flower from the folks over at Flow Kana. Sweet, cherry flavor coupled with calming CBD-heavy effects, great for a stress-free day in the streets!

4. Easter in the Park (Sunday, April 21st): We can’t think of a better location to spend your sunny day in San Francisco than sprawling Mission Dolores Park. Even on a normal day this vast green space in the south central part of The City offers ample outdoor activities, but on Easter Sunday, things get even more interesting with SF’s take on the holiday. The fun begins with family activities in the morning, but events become increasingly adult-themed as the days wears on -- so beware kid-toting attendees! The event hits it’s climax with the much-anticipated Hunky Jesus contest at 3PM -- it’s a fun event, but can admittedly get a little risque, so those who are easily offended may want to skip this one. For anybody else -- highly recommended!

Recommended product: We’d point members toward the new, delicious Good Stuff Tonic’s Lemonade Drink, a perfectly potent, and refreshing selection for a warm day in the sun at one of SF’s most iconic locations. With 100mg total in each bottle, be sure to dose carefully, or your day may end a little early! $18/bottle, while supplies last.

3. Cherry Blossom Festival (Sat., Apr. 13th thru Sun., Apr. 21st): The 52nd-annual NorCal Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off on Saturday, April 13th, running through the entire week, and concluding with the Grand Parade on Sunday, April 21st. The yearly celebration is an appreciation of “the growing friendship between the United States and Japan and also to celebrate the continued close relationship of the two nations.” You can expect lots of Japanese-themed music, entertainment, and food at this popular, San Francisco cultural event. The parade begins at The Civic Center around 1PM, and wraps up at the Japantown Peace Plaza off of Post Street. Be sure to bring an empty stomach and smiling face!

Recommended product: We’d advise a reliable, energizing sativa to ensure your energy holds up on the somewhat-taxing walk from Civic Center to Japantown, such as Northern Emerald's Panama Gold (26.15% THC). Offering a distinctly hazy aroma, this landrace variety from the renowned growers at Northern Emerald is ideal for staying both active AND buzzed.

2. Carnaval (Sunday, May 26th): Possibly the most colorful festival in the expansive San Francisco festival lineup, the 41st-annual Carnaval event celebrates all of SF's unique Spanish heritages in one amazing weekend celebration! Fittingly held in the city's Mission District on Harrison Street between 16th and 24th, this family-friendly event is full of music, dancing, and smiles as parade floats celebrating all the Spanish heritages contained in The City proudly make their way around SF's most distinctly-Spanish neighborhood. The Grand Parade is held Sunday, May 26th and starts early at 9:30AM -- we recommend getting their ealy and taking BART to the 24th St./Mission BART Station if possible, as parking can be a little hectic, with tens of thousands of spectators expected to attend and Sunday free parking in effect as well. You won't want to miss this loco fiesta!

Recommended product: Whether you’re medicated or not, this is a great event, but in our opinion, the spirit of the celebration calls for something strong: check out Jetty Extract’s Zkittlez Dablicator which weighs in at a whopping 79.07% THC. The perfect companion to enhance the one-of-a-kind audio and visual experience you’re sure to have while attending this unique event.

1. How Weird Street Faire (Sunday, May 5th): In the same vein as the recently-passed St. Stupid’s Day Parade, our #1 festival on the list is classic SF in its own right -- residents may describe this event as either hilarious, annoying, or fun, and they’d all be right: How Weird Street Fair celebrates weirdness (slightly different than stupidity) in possibly the weirdest city in the world. The result is a fascinating combination of SF characters from all sub cultures of the city: LGBT, tech implants, and good ol’-fashioned SF weirdos can all be seen interacting, and probably dancing, side by side in this unique environment centered on Howard Street through the SoMa district. Much like Stupid’s Day, we’d recommend some “weird” attire, or you run the risk of sticking out like a sore thumb as a dreaded “normie.”

Recommended product: We’re sticking with potency for this one as well -- King’s Garden Banana Split Shatter (71.35% THC) is a potent indica-hybrid, providing the full-body relaxation of an indica, but the cerebral stimulation of a tried-and-true sativa. Great extract to get you in a “weird” mindset to vibe with other attendees at this memorable event.

Ask your consultant about other event-worthy products on the menu on your next visit -- hope to see you back in soon!